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Home again!

I am home, temporarily without laptop, but using this iPad thingy that I have no idea how it works. If my family ever left me somewhere on the side of a road, I'd be so screwed!

I had a wonderful relaxing time at my brother's house - it's really a lovely place and he's got this great pool in the backyard, plus we had bbq to die for! That's the way to spend the weekend - oh! And I went to the beach! And stood in the salty water, even. Sat on the sand. There was a lot of sand, everywhere. That's it, I put my beach time in for at least the next two years, whoooo!! :D :D :D
happy birthday


Sent my drawing to spn_heatwave, and now it's all over. Except for a sketch I want to do of a slightly AU Dean. We shall see!

Right now, I'm a few thousand words from posting a Public Enemies update. Having some problems because it involves violent sexual situations. The larger part of the AO3 update has already been posted to LJ. There are some changes, but it's basically the same. I've been pecking away at it for, what, almost a month? I'm determined to post before we leave for my brother's this Friday. *resolve face*

Still chillin', still eating birthday cake, wooo!
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BD wishes!



Thank you so much, for your posts and messages and gifts and all your well-wishes. It really made my day, you don't even know! I love you so much!
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my word, wtf...

In the spirit of this year's BD Month, my laptop seized up and refused to work. Or worked sort of intermittently. I spent a lot of time sneaking up on it, Wiley Coyote-style, trying to work past the glitches and tics and sudden comas. Mr. R has got it behaving again after working on it most of the night yesterday, but I sense it's just waiting....

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So, the month is winding down, and summer is too. I'm taking the time to finally *really* look at the spn_heatwave art pieces. I'm astounded at what's possible, and I wish I knew how to do what they do! I just plug along all dinosaury-like, paper and pencil and lots and lots of erasers. MANY erasers, lol! Still, I'm happy with what I did, so I'm looking forward to seeing what ya'll think! :D

And in other news, DOG! Stop begging for ice cubes and dropping them willy-nilly all over the house!
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BD month!

So, self-recs, how about them? :D

I'm reccing a story of mine that's not that well written, but it was *full* of enthusiasm. It's not that I've gotten so much better, it's that I realize now that a beta is a very good thing, plus I'm way less full of the belief that my prose is scintillating and needs little improvement. Still, it's one of my fav stories, and I"m going to tell you all about it!Collapse )
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Dear birthday month--

or should I say CURSE MONTH....

Yesterday, on my way down the stairs, I took a step that made my whole world light up. I felt like my entire inside was filled with exploding mini-lights--for a second all I saw were lights, and then the PAIN. Like I'd gotten shot in the knee with an elephant gun. I couldn't even whine, and you know it's serious biz when I can't whine. Anyhoo, long story short, for most of the morning my knee hated me with a wild passion, but we're on speaking terms again and it's acting like it is as innocent as a new-born babe. As if it had never caused me excruciating pain. Weird. My calf muscle is aching, I guess from hobbling around. Boy, if this month gets more exciting I don't think I'll be able to handle it.


I've got plans for this LJ and bd month. I'm thinking some self-recs, because it's all about me, maybe some talk on original characters, and why it's okay to self-insert. Because I have. And it was fun. ;D
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BD month,

you continue to suck. I've been sick on and off, and yesterday came home from work and crashed like a crashing thing. The extreme fatigue should have tipped me off, but for some reason, intestinal upheaval continues to come as a total surprise to me. It really shouldn't be surprising, considering. Stress, emotional meltdowns, they all work to make my body unhappy. So, my evening was spent sleeping like the dead inbetween bouts of...well, better left undescribed. Overshare? That is my middle name.

Anyway, day 12 of BD month. Let's hope it improves.

feeling a little...shlumpy.
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BD month!

So, this is a thing that makes me ridiculously happy--Michael Rosenbaum is one of the friends that Jason Manns has on his Covers With Friends album. See me grinning! :D :D :D Does that mean that Michael hangs out with them from time to time? It would make my little CWRPSer heart gallop.

mikeey and jared
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BD month...

So far, not so good. A co-worker died Wednesday morning. Not just a co-worker, but a really neat, funny, feisty person. Like, her picture should be right next to any definition of the word, always. I went to the funeral. It was rough. There was a table set up with pictures, and there was one of her sitting on the back of a pony, dressed up like a little cowboy, chaps and hat and all. It was the perfect 1950s picture, a slice of life as it used to be. She looked so happy, with her little girl face. It was amazing how much that face never changed, and in every single picture, old or new, she had the same light in her eyes--a light that promised she was up to no good.

So, I post this here for me, to remind me that I haven't got all day to let folks know how much I love them.
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BD post

Because this is birthday month, I plan to try and post every day. I'm not saying it's going to be interesting....

I think my laptop is heading off to the place all piece of crap good laptops go. More and more problems...*sigh* I think I'll start saving for a new one. That is if the Luddites I live with don't all throw shoes.

So, for this BD post, what shall I do? I know! I know! I"ll share a picture of a dragonfly with you!Collapse )
happy birthday


So, a couple of days ago, I said, "omgosh, it's almost clarkscherry's birthday! Let me not forget to wish her a happy birthday." A few days later I said to myself, "Hokey smokes, it's clarkscherry's birthday today. Let me post to wish her a happy. But first, let me get this annoying animal a treat. And then I guess I'll give the dog a carrot, too..."

So, here I am, several days late, but hoping you get this belated birthday wish from me! XXOO, and a happy birthday clarkscherry! From me! ♥