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Public Enemies Part Two: chapter 9b

Title: Public Enemies Part Two: chapter 9b
Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean, original characters
Rating: NC-17
Total Word Count: 8723
Summary: a 1920s AU *very* loosely based on the film, Public Enemy.
Notes/Warnings: abuse, dub-con, rape, harsh images, morally challenged Sam, troubled Dean. There are hints of abuse, physical and sexual, but nothing terribly graphic. The rating is for the overall fic—it varies according to update. For a large part of the fic, the boys are underage.
In this update, the abuse includes rape.

follows from Public Enemies Book One
one/ two/ three/four/ five/six/seven/ eight
nine (part one of two parts)

AN: Well, finally an update. We're probably going weird places, so bear with me. This is what happens when you throw your hands up and give in to the characters.

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I woke up this morning with a vampire eye!! It was just pinkish to start with, but when I finally got a chance to look at it again, late afternoon - from the corner of my eye up to my iris, it was blood red!!! Creepy as hell!

No wonder people going into the fitting room kept looking at me like I was going to jump up and eat their hearts. And me being especially smile-face today, too.

What a combo, hunh? Bloody eye and crazed smile....

It's all okay, just a busted blood vessel and a scraped cornea. No idea how that happened. But I'll be sleeping with one eye on Mr. R....
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I'm actually writing! Miracles abound!!

And tonight, I'm posting a Public Enemies update. And this bit should start us heading to the end of it all, thank god. So, whoever might still be interested in that story, it's coming. For reals, I mean it. Not sleeping until I get that damn thing up.

ETA: (remember when everyone did that? remember when you *needed* to do that? probably not, hunh?)
So, I lied. I'm really damn tired. But! I'm only a blowjob away from being done! See you tomorrow!

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Just posting to make some noise. I was over at facebook today and spoke my real mind--I'm hoping never to have to hear from some folks again. This election's really pointing up those folks who don't think they're racists, but--spoiler-alert--

So, funny bit here, and a lesson (again) in why betas are important. I was rereading some bits of This Small Dark Place when I read this, and my eyes just about fell out of my head. I was all "OH NO!" and then laughing at myself, because, really? I'm terrible at grammar, but I like to think I put words together better than *THIS*!

She took a slim book from her bag and was soon lost in its pages, while masterMaid oversaw the footman loading Mistress' bags into the luggage pod, and then climbing in as well.

That was a large-ass luggage pod... :D :D :D Now I'm afraid to read the rest!
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hokey smokes

rosy5000, I laughed my ass off! Thank you for indulging my deeply weird love of Brave Little Toaster, lol!! No one in the world besides us could possibly get it, HA!! So, yes, thanks so much for the lovely anniversary card, we love you to bits! And my word, we need a Blanky for sure! :D :D :D

*GIANT HUGS* and many, many kisses for being the wonderful, thoughtful, *amazing* person you are. ♥
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So, I read this whole series called Retail Therapy by All_the_damned_vampires, and I'm reccing it with a warning that it has *all* the warnings, and rightly so. It's the kind of story that will make you ask, "Why, Miz Roze? You know you are an enormous weenie - how did you read this???"

I don't even know! It gave me a stomach ache every time I read it! I had to read it backwards because it was that intense! I'm almost as bad as the Jared in that story when it comes to Hurt/No Comfort stories like this, I just beat myself up! I'm forever clicking and yelping - I should create a comm and call it OMG, roxy clicked on a squick and loved it anyway

If you like torture, emotional manipulation, mind control, rape--and that's just the first date--this might be the thing for you. The enormous plus is that the writing is quick, very smart and a pleasure to read just *because* it is so well written, and lord knows stories like that feel like they are few and far between. It's also pretty darn horrible, no kidding--nobody is a good guy, not at all, but some of them think they just have to read it to get it. Not for the faint of heart, oh boy, if your heart is like mine.

*happy smiles*

I wish that when people leave you kudos at AO3, there was an option that you could send them a kudo for giving you kudos...or something way less complicated than that. :D

I got a comment today on an old SV story that made my eyes get all round and wide--hard to do because I'm a naturally squinty-eyed kind of person, so you can just imagine. It was a good comment, in fact, a great one, but it made me realize just how damn freaky the story was, lol! And now I know where the scene came from that's been floating in my head. I've been haunted by a scene from one of my own fics, and couldn't for the life of me remember which one! Is that a sign of creeping age, or does that happen to other people too? And if it doesn't just lie and nod.

My flu-shot arm hurts a little. Is that normal? I still feel salty from the ocean. Do you think that's all in my mind? So, what really happens if you fill your mouth with PopRocks and drink coke? Do you think folk faking sex for the movies sometimes actually have sex? I think they'd have to concentrate really hard on blocking stuff out--filming looks like a weird business to me. Plus, why are people not in porn vids are always so *quiet* when they're having sex?? All that discreet little gasping and moaning. Tchah! I like the neighborhood to know that Mr. R's got an excellent handle on the job.

This post is what is what life is like for Mr R. He gets these kind of questions every day, once or twice at least, for--gee, thirty-seven years. Plus he gets me staring intently into his eyes while he tries to figure out how to answer me. Sometimes--not very often because he's made of very strong stuff--he breaks and just starts laughing. I count those rare times as a major win.

This rambling, hard-to-understand-in-spots post is brought to you by insomnia. You're welcome!! :D

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Home again!

I am home, temporarily without laptop, but using this iPad thingy that I have no idea how it works. If my family ever left me somewhere on the side of a road, I'd be so screwed!

I had a wonderful relaxing time at my brother's house - it's really a lovely place and he's got this great pool in the backyard, plus we had bbq to die for! That's the way to spend the weekend - oh! And I went to the beach! And stood in the salty water, even. Sat on the sand. There was a lot of sand, everywhere. That's it, I put my beach time in for at least the next two years, whoooo!! :D :D :D
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Sent my drawing to spn_heatwave, and now it's all over. Except for a sketch I want to do of a slightly AU Dean. We shall see!

Right now, I'm a few thousand words from posting a Public Enemies update. Having some problems because it involves violent sexual situations. The larger part of the AO3 update has already been posted to LJ. There are some changes, but it's basically the same. I've been pecking away at it for, what, almost a month? I'm determined to post before we leave for my brother's this Friday. *resolve face*

Still chillin', still eating birthday cake, wooo!
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BD wishes!



Thank you so much, for your posts and messages and gifts and all your well-wishes. It really made my day, you don't even know! I love you so much!
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my word, wtf...

In the spirit of this year's BD Month, my laptop seized up and refused to work. Or worked sort of intermittently. I spent a lot of time sneaking up on it, Wiley Coyote-style, trying to work past the glitches and tics and sudden comas. Mr. R has got it behaving again after working on it most of the night yesterday, but I sense it's just waiting....

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