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So it was my turn to get flamed at AO3, I guess. I don't want to make my stories only available to people with accounts, so you have to take the bad with the good, I guess. Granted, it's an old story and a bit over the top, but a piece of garbage? I'm not the best writer but I'm sure as hell not the worst. I've written some awkward stuff, but I've never, ever written a piece of garbage.

I got:that was disturbing and didn't make any sense at all. Hopefully your writing is better now, because this is not good at all, not only in regard of the content and charactarization, but the whole story and setting is an unlogical mess. Now I have to take a bath in holy-water clensing myself and washing away all that filth from this piece of garbage.

Thanks Pandora!

My opinion? Folks get bored and decide to go be assholes at sites like this. They know that comments like this can be hurtful and I think they do this hoping that they hurt someone, make them doubt themselves. They're probably pretending to be decent folks in public. Sites like this let them be the terrible people they really are.
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