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Title: A Magic Sign
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Rating:nc-17/rated 4
word count:4217
Summary: suspend belief and pretend Lex is a virgin--I know! Let's believe in magic!

Whether it's a potion, a spell, or something else weirdly imaginative, go for it. You have the power to make Lex believe he's a virgin again. What does he do? General Rules - well, they're more like Guidelines really:
1) For this challenge, Lex needs to actually forget all of his sexual skills and experiences. He can get his memory back later if you want, but there's got to be something that makes him forget - potion? spell? new Kryptonite? electro-shock therapy? Convenient Head Trauma? Be creative.

Virgin Lex challenge no.9

A Magic Sign

The bell over the door of Vendredi’s Antiques rang cheerfully as Lex walked into the dim shop. The musty smell of ancient paper, wood and dust filled him with anticipation, as well as a distant echo of fear. These antiques were, on the whole, more than decoration….

“Lex!” A buxom redhead waved and hurried over to him, kissing him on the cheek. “It’s been so long! What a pleasure to see you! Does Jack know you’re here—does Ryan?” she smiled.

“No, actually, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing…”

She raised her eyebrows. “Spur of the moment? You *would* take a plane flight on a whim.”

“I have something here I was hoping Jack would want to take a look at. I’m not sure it’s in his field of study but…” he shrugged. They walked back into the dusty office and Lex laid a sheaf of papers on the desk there. “I’ve been trying to decipher the characters. I feel that they’re more likely to be of extra-terrestrial origin rather then supernatural but believe it or not,” he smiled, “I’ve been wrong before.”

“Oh, heavens no,” she grinned back at him. “Say it’s not so! So…are you staying…Jack and Ryan are both out of town at the moment but they’ll be back tomorrow.”

He sighed. “As much as I’d love to get together with Ryan—and you and Jack of course, I need to get back to Kansas. Duty calls.”

She nodded and took the papers. “Let me lock this in the safe until Jack returns.”

Lex watched her walk away…it was a very interesting sight, full of lovely twitches and moves and…he knew just how velvety soft she was and in what delicious places, and he knew just how hard and tight her cousin was…he shook his head. He really needed to learn to not sleep with everyone that caught his eye. Micki had been fun, but it hadn’t lasted long—Ryan on the other hand--that had been something else. Fortunately for their continued friendship, Micki was at heart a sweet person with a good sense for humor.

It occurred to Lex rather more frequently these days that sex could hurt. Especially when one had a major hard on for an innocent and extremely straight and *young* country boy. It hurt in the heart and it hurt in his brain and it hurt…a lot lower. Often.

A small statuette caught his eye, a carving depicting Pan, or something like it. The features were delicate, beautiful, and looked to be art nouveau. It reminded him of Clark, it had the same beautiful eyes, and lush lips. He ran a finger down the small ivory chest and wished that sex wasn’t so important to him—if he was a virgin like Clark…if he didn’t remember nights and days and too many partners to count, maybe it wouldn’t hurt him to know he could never have Clark….

Micki came back into the room and he put the statuette down and followed her into the public area of the shop. Behind him, the ivory statuette seemed to glow in the gloom of the office, and for a moment, the tiny green gems of its eyes flashed bright red….

Clark walked into Lex’s study with a cheerful greeting, waiting for that moment that Lex looked at him like seeing him was better than anything in the whole world. It made Clark feel—special. Like maybe Lex would drop everything for him.

Lex looked up. “Oh, hi Clark, come on in. Sit, I’m almost finished.”

Clark stopped. Lex looked at him like—like Pete did. Glad to see him but that was it.
What was missing?

The next day, Clark came over to play pool with Lex. He bent over the table and thought to himself, ‘ Odd…this feels…wrong.’ He stood and looked and Lex wasn’t behind him. He was…studying the table.
The table. Weird.

The next few days passed with no Lex. No calls, no showing up unexpectedly at the Talon, no appearances at the loft…and when he finally did call and ask if Clark wanted to watch a movie—that was all he asked. There was no hesitation full of…stuff, no smoky tones sliding up and down the phone line…it was one buddy to another. Which of course is what they were, sure, just buddies. Friends. It wasn’t like he was being--hadn’t been—ha!--courted by Lex. What a crazy idea! So he wasn’t missing being flirted with, not at all, because Lex wasn’t flirting with him. Nope.
Not at all.


Clark watched Lex walk into the Talon. He waved in his direction and went straight to the counter to get coffee, and then walked straight by Clark with a cheerful wave, right into his car and…gone.

Clark watched through the window as the little bit of dust the Porsche had kicked up dissipated and felt—well, angry. No, disappointed. And maybe worried? Was Lex okay? Did Lex have someone else in his life now? Not that Clark felt like he’d been dumped. That was silly. Guys were happy that their buddies were getting laid—weren’t they? He’d feel a lot more confidant if he knew how this sex thing worked. But only because of Lana. Yeah. He might need to know more about it because of girls…and Lex was the only one he knew who knew—all the good parts about sex. He had lots of it, Clark was sure. Lots of really good, not awkward sex…Clark studiously ignored the fact his jeans tightened at the thought. Lex…sex…having it, hot, sweaty, groaning, flexing, dick, coming…Clark grabbed his coffee and took a huge gulp. *Football, football, football*.

Another few days went by and he called Lex, asked if he could come over and Lex said, “sure buddy, come on by.” Clark bristled. Buddy.


“Lex. I’m wondering how a guy can get a…girl to notice him without being all obvious? There’s someone I’m really interested in and I don’t want to come on too strong, and you know about these things--”

“Whoa, guy…I’m sorry but…” Lex blushed and Clark was amazed at how pretty it made him look. Not pretty, did he think pretty? Not.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you there, friend. I’m…I’m kind of, ah, clueless--sorry.”

*No fucking way. What was Lex playing at?*

“I—I’ve never…I haven’t…had a thing to do with a girl.” He looked a little puzzled for a moment. “I really can’t remember ever having *touched* a girl…hunh.” For a moment, he looked sad, and swept a hand over his head. He looked up at Clark and smiled, embarrassedly.

Clark opened his mouth to say…something, something probably meant to be consoling and what came out was, “What about guys?” *hunh?* “Ha! Forget I said that. Joking…”

Lex blushed furiously and looked terrified.

“But you must have had—I know you *had* to have had sex at some point—some girl? Some…body?” Clark persisted and wrung another blush from Lex. * wow, he was really playing it up…but why?*

“No! I—I’d *certainly* remember if I had. I haven’t.” He looked at Clark worriedly. “Are you trying to tell me something? I’m happy to help any way I can, if you want to talk….”

“Well, I do, I was kind of hoping you’d tell me what to do…help, I mean.”

His forehead wrinkled. “Help how?”

“I thought maybe I could ask you about certain…things…and you could tell me if it worked—stupid, never mind.”

Lex looked thoroughly confused. “ ‘Things’? Like what?”

“Well, like-- what if I did this to a girl--um, do you mind?”

Lex looked, if at all possible, even more confused, but he shrugged. “Noo—ooh, I guess…”

Clark came closer, Lex’s heart beat a little faster, but he wasn’t moving. In fact he was staring at him. Granted, it *was* more in a befuddled way and not that funny tense anticipating and dreading it too kind of way he always felt when Lex did it to him….

Gee. Lex was an amazing actor. He really looked kind of panicked.

He leaned forward and ran a fingertip over the cotton shirt, right over where he figured a nipple would be—yep. Right there.

Lex jerked and let out a mouse-like gasp. “I…think you might want to talk to them before doing that.”

“Right, talk first,” he said, and rubbed the cotton over the little pebble, feeling it swell and heat up under his finger. Lex eeked again and blushed. Clark tried a pinch. Lex’s eyes closed briefly and his mouth fell open. *when was he going to laugh? Or smirk, or punch him—something--*

Clark dropped his hand. “Well, um, thanks. Can we talk tomorrow?”

Lex stared at him, wide eyed and pink. Lex really did look stunned. Clark shoved his suddenly shaky hands into his pockets. “Um, tomorrow--see you then.”

Lex nodded, still open-mouthed.

He walked along the roadside, thinking hard. Okay, something was totally out of whack. Lex wasn’t playing a game, he really didn’t remember anything about sex, Clark realized. Nothing. Right now, for some fluky, bizarro, probably meteor induced reason, Lex knew less than he did…Clark stopped in his tracks.

So no matter what he did, it would seem...brilliant to Lex. He actually had something that he could do better than Lex.
Better than Lex.

As far as Clark was concerned, the powers didn’t count—it was the human stuff that mattered and at this moment, between the two of them, Clark was a genius at sex.

Great! He was going to tease the hell out of him, make *him* sweat and lay awake in the dark wondering about himself and his sexuality and jerk off all night long thinking of his tongue rolling around the mouth of those fucking TyNant bottles…Clark sighed. There was a distinct possibility he was a little gay. He thought of Lex’s open-mouthed stare, his pink cheeks and shining eyes—

All right, more than a little. And God, he wanted to go back right now


The next day, Clark brought his homework and Lex looked incredibly relieved, and Clark really got it—why Lex did what he did. It was…hot. It was fun. Lex looked everywhere but at him, and when he thought Clark wasn’t looking he stared at him. Blushed.

Oh yeah. *Now* he got it. He licked his lips slowly and watched Lex blush more.

The next few hours passed pretty much as they always did, Clark worked, Lex worked, Clark asked questions, Lex answered, there were long meaningful looks and lots of blushing and a little bit of sweating, possibly squirming, but this time, it was Lex doing the coughblushsquirm and Clark doing the liplicksmile.

He finished his homework and put his books in his bag, slipped the strap over his shoulder. Lex glanced over and shut his laptop, stood when Clark did.

“Thanks for letting me work here, Lex.”

“Oh, no problem Clark. My pleasure.” And score! Clark felt a little flare of victory—Lex looked just a little disappointed.

“Lex.” He put the bag back down and glanced shyly at his feet. “Can I ask you…”

“Yes, Clark?” Lex looked nervous, and he pulled at the sleeves of the thin lilac sweater he wore. Clark noticed that his nipples were hard…

“What do you think Alexander The Great would be doing now?”


“It’s for another paper I’m doing. I just wanted your opinion. If Alexander the Great were alive today, what do you think he would be doing now?”

“Well, all right.” Lex mused. “Interesting thought….”

They sat on the study couch and Lex talked while Clark stared at his mouth and nodded. Lex had frequent moments of distraction. Once Clark touched his hand…well, drew his fingers up the inside of Lex’s wrist. “Fuzzy,” he explained, “from your sweater.” and Lex stammered and babbled and lost his train of thought completely. Hell, he lost the station. Clark gave him a Lex smile and watched his pupils expand. “You have another one on your neck,” and he drew fingertips down the side of his neck, stopping in the hollow of his throat. Lex shuddered and grabbed Clark’s hand.

“Thank you, ah, thanks.” and Clark watched his dick inch down his trouser leg. He felt uncomfortable himself. He stood and Lex leaped to his feet, turned and tried not to make it obvious what he was doing. Clark got right into his personal space, the way Lex used to, and breathed on him—the way Lex used to. Lex turned a ferocious red—the way he used to.

“See ya tomorrow!” He whispered, and the deep husky voice that gusted against the back of Lex’s neck was one he hardly recognized himself. Lex’s heartbeat was skittering all over the map. Yeah.


Lex was leaning against the door, looking shell-shocked. Clark was so close their noses were nearly touching. “So, do you think that girls like it when you get in their personal space or is that too much? What do you think?” He moved forward a bare inch, and pressed his hips against Lex, imagining he was Lex and if Lex had ever done this to him, he would have—oh, yeah. He moved his hips and brushed Lex’s erection. Yeah, he would have done too, he thought as Lex gasped and his head hit the door.

Lex shivered and swallowed a moan and twitched. Clark had felt that too, he felt his own dick shift in his pants. He couldn’t take it anymore—he needed more. “ Lex, let’s stop playing this game.”

“Oh thank goodness,” Lex breathed. “Yes, please.”

Clark backed up, waiting for Lex to make the first move but he slid out from under Clark and walked away.

“I’m so glad you—ooooh!”

Clark was leaning against his back now, nibbling at the back of his neck, licking wide swaths up his smooth and faintly mango-flavored scalp. “Didn’t you want me to do that,” Clark breathed and Lex moaned and rode out a full body shiver. “Fuck…”

Clark groaned. Lex cursed, he made him curse, “Say it again,” and he pinched hard nipples through the flimsy silk fabric.


Mmmmm. He rubbed his erection against Lex and Lex cried out, “You need to stop now! I mean it!”

Clark pulled him around to face him, and licked his chin, nipped at his lip. “Why?” And palmed the really big bulge in his pants.

“Beca--aahh! Ehn--”

Lex pulled hard against his shoulders, lifting into Clark and grinding. He shouted and thrust hard against Clark’s gripping hand, and Clark could feel him pulse, feel heat under his palm. Lex came from his touch. His touch.

Clark gaped. Oh man, that was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, and he once completely and totally by accident, saw Lana in the shower playing with her—well, that was then—now---Damn. Lex was hotter than anything!

Lex drooped over Clark’s arms, gasping and blushing and apologizing and in general, looking like he was going to die of embarrassment. “I—I don’t know what came over me—well I do, I just never ever…I’m so sorry!”

Clark gaped, and then remembered—this was the Lex that had never played these games and suddenly he felt horribly, horribly guilty. “No, no, I’m the sorry one, Lex—I really am. Oh gosh, I wasn’t thinking either. Please forgive me!”

Lex looked so…innocent, so hurt, and lost and Clark felt like an even bigger jerk. Suddenly it wasn’t as much fun as he imagined being Lex would be. Maybe Lex could have done that and not felt anything but turned on but he’d just—just taken advantage of a virgin. More or less.

He grabbed his jacket and wanted to run for the door when Lex stopped him. In a tiny shy voice he asked, “Stay, please?”


Lex came out of the shower, wrapped up like a mummy in thick terry towels and a terry robe. He was pink all over, and grinning just a bit. “All clean.”

Clark gulped and nodded, yes; all clean and smelling a bit like mango. All. Over. His. Clark let out a long slow breath. Body.

Lex stood, shy and nervous and glancing from the floor to Clark, to his crotch and back.

“Come here,” Clark said gently. “Don’t be afraid.” Don’t be afraid, he told himself.

Lex slowly came closer, his blush getting darker, and going lower as he walked.

Clark said, “I won’t hurt you, promise,” stood and slowly undressed, and never in his life had taking his clothes off been such a thrilling, exciting and scary, scary thing to do. He tried hard to keep fear from showing. Lex needed him to be strong, and he was going to be…oh God, he groaned to himself. Look at him.

Lex looked so vulnerable, and Clark bit his lip and willed himself to be still. Lex was standing between his knees now, his hands fisted in the robe’s belt, and his eyes on the floor again. He jumped when Clark touched him.

Clark’s heart swelled as well as his dick, equally moved by love as lust.

Lex finally looked right at him, his eyes were dark and wet; his lips trembled when he spoke. “Please.”

God, Clark shivered, he’s’ so sexy begging…it’s so hot. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Lex’s and Lex made a muffled squeak.

Clark tilted his head. “Never been kissed…”

Lex shook his head. “No. Never.”

Clark wondered what Lex really kissed like; he bet he actually had kissed thousands of
people. He bet he was really good at it. But right now, Clark was about to get what was kind of Lex’s first kiss ever. Clark closed his eyes and leaned, pressed just a little more and felt Lex give under his lips, felt his mouth open just a bit as he gasped, and Clark pressed on, licked his mouth open, slid his tongue slowly over the roof of his mouth, under his tongue, over his teeth, sucked Lex’s tongue, soft, soft, scraped a little, just a little, so he could know that there was a possibility of more to this--and pulled back.

Lex was openmouthed, his eyes wide and black. His robe tented out from his body, and when Clark slid his hands under the soft material, Lex shook all over and staggered into him.

Clark was hard, so hard that his dick stood away from him, a bridge of silver precome dangled from his belly to the tip of his dick. He was at the end of his knowledge here…would Lex notice?

Lex meanwhile was staring at him, at the string of precome, watched it spin way from the tip to drip onto Clark’s thigh. He touched it with a trembling fingertip and brought it to his mouth. Clark cupped his head and pulled him forward and as Lex licked, Clark sucked finger and tongue into his mouth.

“Shit.” He pushed Lex upright again, and sucked Lex’s dick into his mouth. Lex howled as his lips closed around him and came immediately.

“Oh for—sorry! Sorry. God, sorry.”

Clark nodded. He couldn’t take his eyes off Lex. He was red all over, and gasping, and his dick was still bobbing in reflex…Clark gasped. “It’s okay—better than. Gosh…wow…that was so cool.”

Lex tried to catch his breath. “Oh yes, Clark—that was amazing. Thank you.”

He looked blissed out and content and Clark reached up and wrapped his arms around him, fell back to the bed. Lex fell with him, and they were flat on the bed, face to face and grinning at each other. Lex gave a little experimental wiggle and Clark groaned, “Do that again.”

And Lex slid forward, this time with a serious look--back--and did it again. Clark hissed, “Oh, yes please,” and Lex shoved his face into the sweat damp place between his shoulder and neck, and began moving, harder, and faster. Clark pushed up to met him, and hoped he’d remember forever the feel of his dick sliding between them, the rub and pull of skin on skin, the way the head of his dick caught and rolled and felt so good--the feeling built higher and higher and he could feel it in his belly and felt it tighten and draw his balls up and then he was shouting out and Lex was yelling into his neck. Heat flooded their skin, and the wet intensified everything for a minute…he gasped rapidly and dropped flat with a long low moan.

The bedroom was dark now, the sun set long ago. The air was filled with the scent of sex and the slight tang of magic…

His tongue worked it’s way into the tight, wrinkled ring, worked and squirmed as Lex bucked and cried under him, begging him to fill him, jerking himself in time with Clark’s thrusts. Clark’s dick jerked and dragged against the sheets, leaving little wet trails and teasing him with the drag of cotton against sensitive flesh….

Lex’s legs shook as he slowly, carefully filled Clark, hips working to push his dick into him like it was science and he needed it to be perfect--Clark came almost the moment Lex’s dick breeched him, his heels stuttered against Lex’s ass, he sighed and shuddered and come dripped over and down his stomach. He groaned and twitched painfully when Lex drew a hand through the come and licked his fingers….

Clark sat still afraid to move as Lex adjusted to his dick inside him. “It burns…but it feels so good, so good…fuck me…”

Clark moaned and slowly lifted and dropped his hips; Lex clasped his hands behind Clark’s head. His body was an arch, bowed so much that they only met at the hips, his dick waved and bobbed in the air, wet and untouched and he moaned, “fuck me, fuck me…” Clark started to stroke him, coaxing sound from Lex as he squeezed and pumped his dick.

“Oh my god,” Lex groaned and watched Clark’s hand move with wide stunned eyes, “everything, do everything--I want it all.”

Clark gasped. “I’m trying to, I’m trying to, Lex--God, you’re so ’hot, so tight, did it feel like this for you, so slick and…” he moaned. “Did you want to just push and push until every bit of you was inside me?” His fingers pressed hard into Lex’s hips. Lex cried out, and trembled and came in Clark’s hand. As soon as Lex started to come, Clark froze. He felt himself twitch hard, but he couldn’t move. His head dropped back and he only managed to moan, “I love you, Lex, I love you so much,” as he rode waves of pleasure.

“I love you too, Clark, I always have. Clark…I…what?”

What the fuck? Lex could hardly understand what was going on, he was laying across Clark’s legs—Clark—Clark, tall, tanned, built like a god and naked and dripping wet, sweating on his sheets. His dick was huge, still a little hard, still red and glazed with streaks of come. He looked happy, sated as if he’d spent a night fucking his brains out—oh shit.

Clark’s eyes twinkled and he said, “Hey, are you okay, honey? Feel all right?” He seemed so confident, so in charge, not in the least like any fantasy he’d ever had about him. And he looked like he was totally in love.

Lex felt himself light up from the inside out. It was like being set on fire but the burning felt good. It felt like he was floating…he remembered having the best sex ever in his life –not skilled, no technique or finesse but desire and lust and love…god, so much love….

Clark smirk suddenly went from confident to shock. He looked terribly embarrassed, even a little frightened—and scrambled upright against the headboard. He blushed violently. “Lex—Lex. You know. You’re—you’re you again.”

He looked so disappointed that Lex was tempted to lie, and keep lying for the rest of his life but he nodded. “I know. It’s all back. I don’t know why but…”

Clark jumped off the bed. “I—I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have—but you asked me to, and I wanted to, so much. I’m so sorry!”

“Please don’t panic Clark. I’m so glad you did.” Suddenly he felt as shy as…Virgin Lex had. He could feel a flush working over his body. “Did you mean what you said? About love, I mean…really?”

Clark sighed in relief and even managed to chuckle. “God, yes—did you?”

Lex nodded and Clark hugged him. “It feels like I’ve loved you for ever, Lex.”

Lex snuffled into his shoulder and said, “Me too--it was the best ever Clark, I mean that.”

Deep in the heart of Seacouver, in a dusty little shop, almost hidden away in a dark alley, a candle’s flame made a little ivory figure seem to dance and sway, made it’s eyes seem to glow, two pinpricks of red in the sooty dark. A tiny little laugh barely disturbed the air.

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