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A Year of the Rose: Good riddance, 2016!

It's been a year of…I'm not sure what to call it. I have my fingers crossed for the next year.

So, these wrap-ups have been going on for quite a few years. They were a lot more fannish once upon a time, full of what I wrote. That's been slowly, or not so slowly, becoming less and less as time goes by. But this coming year, I plan on trying to keep my writing hand in. I didn’t do much in 2016, but I liked what I did. I did an update on Public Enemies that I liked and was gung-ho to continue but life and the laptop conspired against me. I have no plans to give up on that story—Sam still has to become Capo de Capo, right? I managed a bit of This Small Dark Place, and finished a BB that I wasn't too sure about, but managed to finish, thanks to the generosity and helpfulness of friends. Ya'll are the best.
I cleaned up an old SV fic and posted it, and that was a lot of fun—it made me very nostalgic, but unfortunately didn’t rekindle my SV muse, except I really would like to write some Hooker!Clark Kent some day.

Anyhoo, here we go! The fascinating chronicle of my life, in bite-size bits. Bon appétit!Collapse )


happy new year

I have a new laptop on order. Pray with me that once again, I'm part of This Thing of Ours.

Christmas was lovely, I got wonderful cards from folks, plus some lovely little gifties. I thought I was on it this Xmas, actually getting cards out on time--er, some of you may not have received cards because I put the addresses wrong, and some of you may have gotten odd messages because I swear I mixed up cards and envelopes...

My new year's resolution is to get back in touch with--*everything*. People and home and life stuff that I've let go for a little too long. Happy New Year, everyone! (I added that bit on, I've been trying to post this since before New Year's Eve, lol!!)
happy new year 2017 2

Merry Christmas!

I love you guys, so damn much! Thank you for saving my life on the regular! <3 I miss you, and I'm working on this laptop hell--wish me luck! Hope your Christmases (is that a word?) were amazing. :D
closing up shop until after the holidays, when hopefully I will return with a functioning laptop.
I will return with thank-yous and some late xmas stories. is it okay to post xmas stories after the holidays? whatever, main.

love you guys! see you soon!


That's it--I'm done. I can't watch it anymore. I'm going to just spoil myself and watch the show when the season's over. It's not that it's not well-written--it is, boy is it ever--but the tension and the horror and all of it is just too much for me! I just CAN'T! I have so little idea about what happened tonight because I was watching with my fingers in my ears and my eyes squinted nearly shut. I know it's supposed to be bad, but I don't think a TV show has ever tripped all my "I can't do darkfic" buttons like this. So, see ya, TWD. I'll catch up with you again when everybody has discussed every little thing to bits, so I know which parts to cover my eyes and yell, "LALALALA!!!" at.

A post.

I'm writing a bit, thanks to firesign10. She helped shake some cobwebs loose, and maybe, just maybe, I'll post something before the end of the year. As long as I can convince myself it doesn't have to be epic, or the best work ever, or life-changing. And it doesn't have to mean anything to anyone but me--and also be entertaining for whoever clicks on it, of course. So, I'm doing little ficlets in a few of my fav 'verses. Let's see what happens! In the meantime, I tell myself:


Thank you, norwich36, for your card and *terrific* surprise! You know I loved it! And supernutjapan, thank you too for your gorgeous card! You made me smile today!

talitha78, I swear, your card was the cutest card ever, ever!! Thank you! :D

hey, again!

I'm feeling blabby and my laptop is kinda sorta behaving... *Xs fingers*

Man, I want to write, but I'm blocking myself! I'm all, I don't have time for research, I can't write the way this thing is glitching, I don't know what to write about--y'k now. I want to write a Christmas story, but I'm not sure where I want to go with it. I'd like to set it in Under My Skin 'verse. That'd be fun and sort of easy...kind of slowly work myself back into it. I miss it, but the holiday blues are also kicking my ass. I need cheerleading, my friends. A little hand-holding, a few atta-girls...help!!!

Hey ya'll

Can anyone rec me some cowboy J2 stories that's not Break Loose Ranch? Not that I don't really enjoy that one, it's just it's the first one er'body you ask recs. I've got a hankering for some cowboy...boys, whatev.

Whatsup, dear my friends? I'm still toiling non-stop in the Red Satan vineyards. Today, some asshole on the phone tried to tell me I was dumb. "How did they hire someone so dumb?" he asked. I could tell he was revving up to really let loose. But they don't pay me for that shit.

"Oh, hun," I replied, and made sure I sounded like I was talking to a brain-damaged poodle. "I'm going to have to hang up on you." And I did. Dumbass motherfucker. Xmas, man. I guess for some it means being rude to people you think have no choice but to take it.

Stay tuned for more heart-warming stories of the season. :D :D :D


I posted some Christmas cards! Amazing for me, no? A triumph, even, in a modest way...and goodness knows Yer Mother sets the bar high for modesty. *preens quietly in a humble way*

Only...here's the thing. I didn't make a list or check it twice or mark out the names of folks I sent cards to. *koff* If any of you get two cards from me this year, just pretend you only got one, okay?

Dear Diary,
Red Bullseye Satan continues to work me like they got me third-hand markdown off the block. I'm beginning to get suspicious...all the old folks are working terrible hours. Retirement plan? Hmmmm....
Should I dye my eyebrows? Cover up the white hairs growing in them. I used to pluck them until I started to look more and more surprised.
I made lemon bars from scratch today, and then made myself sick eating all the ugly ones. Why must I be so critical?

About Show yesterday. It was serviceable. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I would have loved it so much more if I hadn't read (Don't) Save Me by toratio . That was the way I wanted the story to go. Now, Show, is the time to completely kill Lucifer. He's a dead-end character now. He's not needed. Show can roll on without him--he doesn't rule Hell, God is on vacation, the apocalypse is on permanent hold, so far as we know. If they possess Sam again in a bid to extend Lucifer's story, I will be besides myself with rage.

Now I'm exhausted from typing this over and over and over again.

Until next time,
roxy ♥


I'm gonna do cards. Anybody want a card? I will def send you one if you pm your address. Don't think that Old Mizz Roxy remembers your address because she's sent you a card for years. If you changed address within the last two years, you might wanna send me the addy, jut saying.

Today I got called 'a little old lady'. Man...that sucks. I don' wanna be a old ladeeeeeeeeee!!!! *sigh* Oh well, at least they said I was a cute little old lady. That's better, I guess. Makes it easier to get away with all kinds of shit.

Hi folks!

I'd be here more frequently and have a lot more to say, if my laptop wasn't a demon-possessed piece of shit.

I'm wishing--and apologizing for wishing it late--a very happy birthday to two ladies who have been an important part of my LJ life! I hope it was an exceptional day, because you both deserve it! ♥

Happy birthday wishes to the amazing, talented lapetite_kiki, who I think about every time I look up over my desk and see Clark and Lex. And birthday wishes as well tocapnzebbie who has always been kind and generous to me. Love you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, iibnf! It's still your birthday, right? I hope you had/are having a great one! And thanks so much for still posting at LJ--it'd be a very, very boring place without you!

Thank you!

and so many grateful hugs to you, tasabian! I'm cycling back and forth between rage and sadness, so trust me, that fuzzy hug means a lot! ♥

Why read dark fic if it terrifies you?

Why read dark fic if it terrifies you? is in it's proper place, at spn_darkside. Sorry for the inconvenience, oy!



Hokey smokes--this one actually almost scared me! It was creepy as hell, had me making the ew face at parts, and even yelling at the screen! Sam continues to be kinda amazing, his hair continues to also be amazing, and Dean looks good in sweater. Dear Show, four eps in--can Dean do something, please? Maybe I'm looking at it too hard through my Dean-Girl glasses, but I'd like to see my sweetie-patootie Dean be more, I don't know, heroic? Take charge? A little smarter?



Hmmmm...I'm not sure what their point is going to be, but I'm willing to go with it. A good ep--one point of unhappiness that I'm waiting for other folks to weigh in on. My feeling overall--a little too much shorthand in regards to moving the story along, a few cute moments, but Sam--wow!


You haven't heard much from me lately, because mostly I've been coming home from work, eating and going straight to bed. I've managed a comment or three here and here, but man....

I'm old, and this job is kicking my ass. We've got no people on the floor so I'm trying to take up the slack. Retail is a dog's life, folks. There's no sit-down in retail. I'm beginning to suspect that Red Bullseye Satan plans to work me and the other old broad there to death, so they don't have to pay out retirement. Well, I got news for them.


I'm about to catch up with everyone's thoughts on the season opener. I have thoughts as well. :D


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