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Birthday wishes!

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Happy B-day to the ever-cool blackrabbit42, hope you had fun!!

And even though these ladies are infrequently or no longer here, I want to wish them a happy birthday anyway, because they lifted me a million times back in the day! To Mizzjustabi, my heart, and my dear friend, lexalicious70! So much love to *all* of you!
spn showtime!


Sorry, I'm a Babylonian tonight!

Rewatching 13x01, and that *look* Sam gives Dean when he sees the crazy angel bitch, like, "Dude...are you picking up when we're on the job?" lol!!
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this tattoo has ridic importance to me. I need more hobbies....

I looked over the artist's portfolio. He' not bad--much better with simple line than he is with shading, I think. His floral tats are very nice. It looks like Jensen got some kind of wing deal on his arm. The artist posted a pic of him in the chair, though I must confess I may have been distracted by nips...or nip, singular. Yes.
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No apologies! This is the closest to bare-chested boy as we've had in years!

writing is fun!

Write write write three thousand words of story...realize that no, this is all happening in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rewrite time!

So, the bad thing is not being able to post timely-like. The good thing? Having three thousand words into the bit *after* this bit. I'm the Doctor Frankenstein of fanfic writers. :D :D :D
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In The Garden(of memory), Sam/Dean, R, (9/?)

Title: In The Garden(of memory)
Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean, OCs
Rating: R
Word Count: 2175
Summary: Struck with a spell, Dean suffers memory loss, losing everything that makes Dean "Dean". Sam is at his side, working to break the spell, but soon begins to wonder if it's helping Dean or hurting him.

In The Garden(of memory) part 9 at LJ
At AO3
Tags and warnings at AO3