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My 2020 spn_j2_bigbang: The Passenger


My BB and life in general

My BB is monster that is eating my brain, 60,000 words, a story about a rescued slave--skinwalker Sam, and a clueless Dean and yet--so not full of excitement. It's mild and quiet, and won't fucking end. </endbitch>

Life right now is nothing like I expected it to be. I pretty much have not had a single moment to myself, and at night when I do have quiet, I spend all that time writing. It's not even something I can complain about--"Waa, waa, I have no time to write my porn!" I give all blessings and respect to grandmas that watch their grandkids all day long every day. This is some torture level shit for a person really used to being by themselves for long periods of the day. I hear that bitch in the back of my mind going, "But you knew this before it happened" and I can only say shut the fuck up. And here's the funny thing--when BG goes back to work in September, unless there's a solid vaccine or some good care for folks who are ill, I'm going to keep the kid with me. No daycare for us!

I'll expect a solid wall of prayer from y'all, all day, e'r day, please. :D

I have only kind of half-ass interacted with folks, here and on The Twitter. Someday, someone is going to have to explain to me how that twitting works, with the Re-Tweet and the answering. Some day.

I am not reading the BBs yet. As soon as I have a solid ending for this ugly fic I'm working on, I will treat myself. There are some amazing writers this year. It's a small group, but choice!


dean internal scream.gif

Deleting Facebook

Anybody who is friends with me there is friends with me here, too. Some of you are more active there and I'll miss you, but I can't take the stupidity anymore, and some folks I was close with once insist on sending me shit for reasons I don't know. It must be awful to be so cool in one's youth and then get old and not.

It sucks, because there are some people and family that I only keep in touch with through FB, but my mental health counts for more. Maybe after we see some kind of light in the tunnel, or after they throw that disgusting, ignorant, putrid bag of pus out of office, I'll go back.

I am on twitter at the moment, mizroxyrose, if anyone wants to know. ;)


I miss you guys so much! I haven't had more than a few minutes to myself lately, and twitter and FB are easier spaces to deal with when every second counts--even though I hate them both. I've managed to read, because when my late nights aren't spent beating this crap horrible BB into something readable, I treat myself by reading stuff by people who can do that. Then feel awful because I don't have time to leave comments, oy.

Beelzebubbas is cute as can be but he absorbs attention like a black hole, and I'm weak. I can't refuse him, doing him and me no favors. Ah well. What's worse is he throws temper tantrums and I have to leave the room so he doesn't see me laughing. I know that sounds horrible, but he is such a DRAMA QUEEN. When I have time, I'll describe these tantrums. I've never seen a kid throw one like this.

Lucky he's cute, all I can say.

I'll be back! I love y'all, I miss y'all, and you've been so busy and I need to catch up!

Stay safe! ♥