I got a response from a comment I left on an AO3 story (The Obituary Mambo by nigeltde) --not from the writer--that made me see red. I had to stop and vacuum the living room before I answered because I needed to step back from the raging ignorant way I wanted to respond.

This was the comment:

And it was nice treat to see bottom Dean.
Because its such a rare thing in this fandom right? It's not like 8 out of 10 stories are bottom dean, no, it must be a treat to read another bottom dean story since there is a shortage of bottom dean in this fandom. Rme.

I replied:

And it was nice treat to see bottom Dean.
Yup, it was, especially written by someone who knows how to write.
Why are you annoyed because it was a treat for me to read an excellently written bottom Dean fic? I don't choose what to read by sex positions, I choose to read depending on the writer's skill, and because there are a ton of fabulously talented bottom Sam writers, that's mostly what I read. So, yeah, it was a treat, and no, it's got nothing to do with your likes or dislikes. As for all these bottom Dean stories, how about links? I'd like to read some of these 8 out of 10 stories.

Was that comment even necessary? There are lots of things and pairings I really, really, very strongly don't like at all, but I don't feel the need to throw my two cents in. I hope I didn't come off as too confrontational because no one needs that shit in their comments, but I get tired of people telling other folks how to feel and what to like. There's a shit storm going on all around us, and fandom is my happy place, goddammit. If I have to watch what I say, or how I act, than how the fuck is that so? I'm sorry, I'm a big switch person--I don't care. It depends on the story who does what. And since Dean has never looked out of my TV screen and said, "roxy, I am gay/bi/totally straight--" He can be whatever I want him to be. Or you want him to be, or your cousin wants him to be….
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Holy shit--these last few days of the Bang are chock full of amazement!! I'm about to let the dog hair pile up knee high--I got back-to-back reading to do!

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Help me kick around some ideas, my friends?

I need help! I'm forever looking for writing help, I know. What it is, is, I'm going to finish my slave fic. Problem is, I don't know how to get started. I know what's going to happen, and how it ends, but I'm having a hard time stitching bits together. How can I get that same flavor back, the same voice? I'm having a lot of difficulty getting that tone the other bits have. The problem is I've spent so much time writing from the POV of a cranky, young white boy that it's hard getting into that semi-steam punk, slightly Victorian mind-space young Jensen has in my WIP.

I reread the last bit I posted, and those pieces that I wrote for the future before I got caught up in Bangs and the ass-kicking RL decided to give my ass last year. It helped a bit, but mostly highlighted how far I'd wandered off from the original feeling. It figures too, that I made no playlist for the thing, and I have few pics. At the time, I just *knew* everyone and what was happening in that fic...oy.

Any tips, guys?

I, babblelonian...

I'm rewatching this season, in no particular order, and it was a really good season. I'm enjoying it even more than I did the first time around. I think I fall victim to folks complaining and then all I see are flaws. Or maybe I just get disappointed that once again, the boys aren't confessing their complete and undying love for each other, followed by big, wet, shmoochies and then naughty times in their bunks...oh, ha, goodness, just kidding...*koff*


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I was just going through my ideas folder, and there's all these little bits of story that I'll never write because the time has passed. Angel/SpN crossovers, SV/SpN crossovers, story ideas that have been jossed to hell and back, characters no one cares about anymore, characters from fandoms so out of circulation they'd all read as original characters...I'm so old! I've been doing this so long! Plus I'm such a mono-fandom person it's kind of boring.

I want to write! I'm all antsy with the need to! I'm upset because I lost my notes for the next installment of This Small Dark Place. *nudgenudge* I know it's been a few years - two years!!- but I can't believe I've misplaced them. I've looked through everything, hence this finding old fic stuff.

What's up with you guys? I've been a crappy LJ friend lately, but truthfully, this old world is getting me down.
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I'm reading about Turacos which are described as gregarious birds, and I can't stop seeing them singing and dancing together and clutching little mugs of beer, maybe singing their school fight song because they all supported their little feathery teams....
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Pinning stuff and saw this:

· Dean: I will put my A down to make “A”

· Castiel: I will add to your A to make “AT”

· Gabriel: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT”

· Sam: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”

· Dean: *flips the board*

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I really didn't expect this, but now that I've posted, I have the BB letdown. Can't concentrate. I did read a couple of great BB stories and still haven't left comments--little blurps here and there but I usually like to give a final comment, and I haven't done that yet. My kindle is stuffed with books to read--some recent publications, *looking at you, sandymg* but I just can't get that get up and go. I feel like a bad reader. :(

I think I will take a bubble bath, go to bed early and see what happens tomorrow! If my brain still won't jumpstart, then I'm going to have to hurt myself by buying a slice of Junior's red velvet cheesecake and eating it all in one sitting. That'll teach me. ;)

my stars.

It was a busy night, dear my friends!

I got a comment on an older story that made my eyeballs roll in thier sockets--at myself. This person was kind enough to let me know that I'd misnamed the song I took lyrics from to frame my story. For three years, no one said a word!! What the hell?!!? I had to laugh, though....

Also, I forgot to make a note on my BB about how I based it on Kripke's original pilot, and it might have added a little bit to the story. Ah well. Folks seemed to have connected with it without that bit of info. I kind of posted in a daze, so there'll probably be more glitches popping up as tine goes by!

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Oh well!

Birthday Wishes!

Wishing a very happy birthday to two wonderful people! norwich36, and daisydumont! You ladies may not stop here very often, but that doen't mean I don't think about you and miss you being here!


I hope the day is good for both of you! Much love!!

Please help - even if you could just spread the word

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Hi guys,

I know it's a lot to ask, but I am hoping you guys would be able to help me out with donations to my book project. Money raised will help with costs of gathering stories and promoting the book.

I think this book is so important, not just for New Zealanders, but for everyone who is going through depression, or who supports someone with depression.

The donations go through a crowdfunding platform called Boosted. The link is here: Boosted - Pathways Out of Depression.

I'm not sure if you will be able to get access if you're overseas, but it's worth a shot.


It's four o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas. So here are the important questions...should I get dressed? Should I actually do any housework? I could pretend that everything in my house is supposed to be furry.

"Oh, you like my fur rug? Yes, fur was a décor choice we're pleased with...don't breathe so hard, please."

I was told today that I needed a haircut! Such insult! Okay, I admit that if Einstein was a short, fat, woman of color, we'd be twins.