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Dear my friends!
s-d by merakieros
I'm about to write this J2 mpreg because why the fuck not, eh? I'm juggling ideas and wondering about tone – I've already dialed back the angst by about a thousand and I haven’t even written anything yet. I'm rereading an mpreg I did for SV a basquillion years ago, and I'm embarrassed to say this, but so far I'm laughing my ass off! It's way too funny for the story I have in mind but then again...maybe this fic could use some humor...we'll see! What was great about the old days was I didn't know anything. I didn't know what was offensive, or what was inappropriate, or what was totally fucked up. Thank you, readers from the old days. Not only did you help my writing, but you made me a better human being. I swear, sometimes thinking about things that I thought was okay made me feel like I was raised by rabid stoats. I horrified my coworkers on the regular until I learned to keep my thoughts to myself. Where here in LJ, folks were kind enough to PM me and ask if I actually meant what I wrote and perhaps this would be a better way to express that thought...ha! Such good folks!

Anyway, if anyone wants to play with me on this story, I'd be very happy for it! I have only the barest ideas yet, and the foundation of my story is so far built on pudding, but I’m pretty sure it will be fun. :D

Jared will be the pregnant one, and I’m not totally sure where or how Jensen comes into the story, but he will. *Xs my fingers and hopes for the best! *

Happy Birthday!
heart tree
fufaraw, I stole a heart to give to you on this day of yours! *handwaves watermarks away*

Much love, and many wishes for a wonderful birthday!

Spn_J2 BB 2019!
heart tree
Oh my goodness--I've been reading some great stories! I'm so glad I have mine out of the way so I can concentrate on these goodies! I'll come back around with some recs later, but I've really enjoyed (and left babbly comments on) what I've read so far. It's a short, but good season. :D

Smallville and Remy Zero - Save Me
*Lots and lots of ugly crying* Somebody hold me! Thanks to rednihilist for pointing this out to me. We were so full of fandom joy back then and Clex is still my OTP.


Ooooh myyyy....
jared speak no evil

I saw this ad dandyxr posted at the Vintage Ads comm and I want to know why none of our superb artists have turned this into a J2 high school AU?

heart tree
I have a new phone--apparently being 5 years old makes my old phone a brick, fercryin out loud--and I want to buy an SpN phone case, but how can I make sure I'm not buying a case with stolen art because I just looked on Amazon and wow, there are a lot of phone cases with non-credited art on them!

Spn_J2 BB 2019: The Road To Come What May
s-d by merakieros

My spn_j2_bigbang for 2019. Click to go to the story!
Fic title: The Road to Come What May
Artist name: merakieros
Genre: wincest, curtain fic
Pairing: Sam/dean
Rating: NC-17

Spn_J2 BB 2019:
sammy fireworks
no title

sammy fireworks
I just realized--it's Xmas in Summer! The spn_j2_bigbang has begun!!


Lawd, give me the strength to finish mine before June 28th....

the Haven Verse!
dean hug
The Haven Verse is finished! The last chapter went up today. It's a freaking epic, on par with Freak Camp. It's amazing and heartbreaking and just amazing, did I say that?

Anyhoo, if you've been reading it, it's done. *sobs* and if you haven't read it, treat yourself--but give yourself time to read it, it's ten years worth of story. :)

Story, beginning with A Haven in a Heartless World

heart tree
Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge are on a Showtime series and I'm too poor to watch it. *CRIES* It's a cruel, cruel world.

(no subject)
heart tree
I always forget that the end of Mystery Spot is practically Sam's entire season 4 arc in a nutshell.

Well, all right then....
jared speak no evil
Y'all know I don't rec kink often; I'm a shrinking violet like that, but I'm gonna rec the hell out of this because my stars! I have no idea what it is about this that hits all my buttons--well, there's pining, and there's unrequited-but-actually-requited love, breathplay, which is okay with me on occasion...but there's CORSETS. I do like corsets in fic. In real life, it'd make me scream and claw at myself like an insane cat, but in fic, a well written description of corsets in play....

Is this TMI? *beams* You know I like sharing with you.

Tight by anonymous
When Jared discovers Jensen’s secret, he’s beyond angry at the stupid risks his friend has been taking.
But he knows Jensen won’t stop, so Jared comes up with the only possible solution.
That turns out differently than he expected.

SpN thoughts (little ones. boring ones)
tnt watch
I was all fired up to do this rewatch, all seasons, yee-haw!

My friends, I can't!

I have not watched the whole seasons of 1-5 since they first aired. Just too damn painful. And yes, those early seasons are amazing, and the brotherly conflict really drove the show. Made for some incredible TV. But my heart can't take the pain. It hurts way too much. I am a weeny, as you know, and those shows bring out my anxiety, and make me sad and frustrated. Each time I do manage to watch more than the fluffy eps, I'm all over either Sam or Dean. To explain: one year I'm all Team Sam!! , next year I'm all,'Dean can do no wrong!'. It's like watching completely different shows, y'all! It also keeps me from choosing one over the other. I'm completely in the camp of Both Brothers. All Day. E'r Day. I love my boys.

I am struggling away on my BB, so y'all are going to have to expect TONS of babbly posts about mostly nothing!

Take advantage! What do you want to know? Ask me! I'll tell you what I think about anything, share my deepest, darkest, secrets! (you know, I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. And because he was wearing the same shirt as me. So rude.)

gadreel eyes

I'm kidding!
Say...the pattern on that shirt you're wearing looks disturbingly familiar....

heart snoopy
I miss the little one. I miss his little smile, his high-pitched babbling, his belief that all food not only tastes good but doubles as a hair care product...so here, have some pics of him!

Read more...Collapse )

heart tree
Does everyone reading here see the little I-like-this-post heart thing? Excluding bubblesbrnaid who said don't you dare, if I recall correctly? :)

Thanks, my beloveds! I'll be hearting the hell out of those of you who see them...now that I know. *twirls imaginary but luxurious mustache*

Happy (Late) Birthday!
heart tree

I missed some birthdays that I really wanted to note, so here I am, a little late, but heartfelt! All these people do (or have done) so much to make fandom a lovely, exciting, fun place! :) Hope your days were good, ladies!

Many, many hugs and belated birthday wishes to the fabulous julchen11, and the incredibly talented amberdreams!

Happy birthday and I miss your lovely art posts, badbastion

And happy birthday to you ladies, though I know you won't see it! Still miss you after all these years, kaydee23, and herohunter. What with life and all, ya'll have been on my mind a lot lately. You made the early years here wonderful ones. ♥

heart tree
Thankthalawd, the baby's back home with mom! I'm free, and thrilled that babysitting duty is over! SHUT UP I AM IT'S JUST DUSTY IN HERE.

Now excuse me, I have porn to churn out. Good day to you.

one last thought before I pass out
Every pic of Jensen is just feakin' mind-boggling. He's insanely, painfully handsome. It's witchcraft, I tell ya!

Also saw a pic of Jared from his Cuba vacation--lucky duck. There's this one particular pic that should be outlawed, though, where he's smoking a cigar? OMG...I did not know that I needed this. Cigars leave me cold, but now...I hope someone writes some really hot J2 in which Jared just happens to smoke a cigar from time to time. Maybe when he's scheming how to lure Jensen into his orbit. Subtly, because Jensen thinks Jared is an asshole. Maybe, maybe not--mistakes were made. Now though, Jared knows a bit more about Jensen and knows the way to his heart is to convince him that they're friends. He's good at putting on different personas, has to be for his job. He thinks making Jensen fall for him will be easy, but there's something about Jensen that brings out the best in people, even people convinced they have no best to give....

Damn. Why didn't we get these pictures earlier in the year? :D

Hi everybuggy!

In case you're wondering why I haven't responded to your great comments on my post all about me, I've been watching the grandspawn while my kid is at a conference--a 4 day conference. If not for my cuz and my beloved, I have no idea where I'd be contacting you from....

Friends, I am old and tired and not cut out for this work.

He's pretty fucking cute, though. I've never seen a baby laugh so much. But then, I never laughed or smiled much as a tot, and neither did BG. It's just weird. How does such a tiny being have such a huge laugh? I've been playing peek-a-boo so hard, I'm about to put myself in the witness protection program just so I can have a hot cup of coffee again. Tell me what it's like, friends...is it as wonderful as I remember?

heart tree
Did Jared take the pics when they went fondling animals in Australia?

A very long and babbly ramble all about me.
Y'all know how I love talking about me!Collapse )

What Jared has taught me--
sam giggle
Jensen smells really good.


Dear Roxy,
sam puppy eyes
There is SUCH a difference between rouge angel and rogue angel...why won't you believe me?

Your Brain.

TNT Hellatus marathon
tnt watch
01XS1 Pilot

You know, it's surprising to me how NOT Alec or Jason Teague Jensen is. He's already Dean. I'm not sure about Jared since I've never really seen him in anything else but Supernatural and that really disturbing bit partlet he had in Flight of the Phoenix. *shudders*

Stop me if you're heard this one already....
So, here I am, struggling with the BB (an uphill fight I tell ya), when suddenly my muse says, "Hey. Why are you fighting denture and nail to make this thing an angst fest? What you need to be doing is filling it with sex."

"But I have a hard time writing sex!" I cry, slamming my little paws down on the keyboard.

"SEX!" the bitch screams. "More sex! And stop worrying about who puts what where! People gonna read or not gonna read. You put that dick where it seems right, and damn the tags!″

"I’ll lose readers,″ I snivel. But I see where she’s coming from. If a writer doesn’t have a preference, it can really create a block—all that worrying about losing folks who really need to have a specific person top. But I have to be true to myself.


Which mostly means mutual handjobs, blowjobs, fingerplay...not a lot of dick-stickage. Life’s not all about the penetrative sex, am I right? Of course I’m right. It’s a big old world out there, and there’s a bunch of different things on the plate. My little vanilla waffles may not be your waffles.

Mmm...I managed to go from sex to breakfast food. Perfect! :D Good night!

coffee and cigs
Me: Okay, I sweartagawd, getting down to brass tacks, really gonna do some serious work on my BB, right the hell now. *grabs notebook, opens doc*

And then me also: a page of notes on an mpreg, wondering if I can set it in another screwy timeline/alternate universe like Small Dark Place minus the slavery...stares into space, wondering how a man can get pregnant. carry a kid. good thing or bad thing? strokes chin pensively.

More coffee!

I was going to do an SpN rewatch along with other folks, but I'm going to do the TNT marathon instead. Have alerted my beloved that I will be in PJs all day, fuck the diet, it will be snack-a-mania! I'm going out to get all the snacks and lots of coffee. Pajama pants and fuzzy socks and blocking all calls. If you want me after 1:00, I'm sorry, I'll be busy watching Infant Boys. :D

jared speak no evil
Some wonderful person is reading all my old SV fic and even leaving multiple kudos on some stories. I'm not sure if I want to cover them with hugs and kisses, or apologize, lol!!

Dear My Friends,
heart on fire
Who wants to come to my house and make me write?? :D
I'll provide snacks and a place to sleep. Especially now that the house is pretty clean--I've been stress cleaning. Stress organizing, stress eating, stress OCDing in general. My kindle is now stuffed with BBs from years ago, I've forced myself several times NOT to file my downloaded fic into separate folders. You know: married boys, werewolf boys, amnesia boys...now is not the time. But someday, my friends, someday...no doubt when fandom has fizzled like a glass of coke in the sun.

It wouldn’t be the BB season if I didn’t whine and bitch, right? It’s how we know what time of year it is. I have a little over 24000 words, words that are mocking me, reading snippets of the fic to each other and laughing, drinking Mr R’s beer, and eating all the trail mix and spitting the almonds on the floor. Bastards.

no title

Dear My Friends!
heart tree
I love you! ♥