I think I'm finally done. I just need a few days to angst over the porn, but I'm done! Ah, Garden...you wore me out. Dang.

And now, on to the next one...sort-of-ABO m-preg, or finishing one of my endless WIPs, or pre-series Sam/Dean...ach, so many ideas, so little brain activity. Big Bang worries! :D

You guys! ♥ ♥ ♥

To all my friends who helped me shake loose my brain the other day--a million thanks! Ya'll got me thinking, and with advice and links and some hugs and back rubs (it was as good as getting those!) I am now unstuck, and heading for the home stretch. I know what flavor of porn I need for these guys, and I think what I roughed out works well with the story.

If I finish this before the beginning of Feburary, I think I might sign up for this year's SpNJ2 BB. Because I can't beat myself up enough, lol!

blk&w boy 1

hello, my friends!

I'm here trying to write some porn that doesn't sound like "insert tab A into slot B, repeatedly", so can you help a kindly old country pornographer out? There was a day when I could quickly craft a little home-made pr0n, but those days are long gone, mythical with age. lesigh.

So much thinking in this new age. Why, in my day, we'd just let the characters whack away at it and the devil take the hindmost (but no Samifer, bulletproof anti for me!) Plus, everyone has seen everything, or so it feels. Maybe it's just me. And there's the fact that the audience I'm writing for are grown-ups, and I think it's safe to say that they've probably been around the block a few times.

I need inspiration! I don't want to be accused of using my rotary-dial telephoning apparatus to call it in.

Let me take a second to snorfle up my sleeve, that was hysterically funny....

So, recs of hot stuff, anyone? What's your fav? Or, give me a really good reason why it doesn't matter if there's smut or not? Ha, no! Kidding! Folks have been so patient about waiting for this fic that they deserve a little pay-off! :D


Dear My Friends!!

Cards are coming! Soonish. Before spring, for sure!

See, what happened was, I sent out my over-seas cards first, so that ya'll would actually get them this year. I thought I'd have plenty of time to send out in-country cards. But! BG had problems with her pregnancy (I'm sure everyone reading this is aware), so there was a lot of distraction on my part. The day I pulled out all my cards, getting ready to send them even though they'd be a tad late, is the day her doctors decided, "Woops! No more waiting, let's go!"

So, almost a month early, I am now a grandmother. My brains are fried, I'm too damn tired to think, let alone do anything else. I'll tell you all about it after BG is home and settled in. The little bird won't be home right away, but he's doing well, and so is BG.

Thanks a million to the folks who sent me cards - I'll thank you individually later. ♥