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I got a little distracted

but I'm back. It would be lovely if ya'll decided to post pics of your own desk, or whatever place is your fav. wouldn't that be fun? Or pics of collections, or favorite books or whatnot. Fun! But mostly because I'm nosy. :)

This is my craft closet, or it was when I crafted. Now, it's a place to hang my calendar. The drawing with the dark background is a card my niece did for me, the drawing held on with the Batman magnet is Mr R done by BG. :D

This is my desk; I cleaned it just for you! Coffee and Altiods, I need them to live. I don't know if you can make out the little bear next to Batman--I painted that for my niece, when she was but a wee infink. I know you recognize the license plate!

The shelf above my desk. :) Sprinkled through the stuff are gifts I've gotten from you guys. *hugs* again for them!

The tall bookshelf on the left of my desk. Buffy! Angel!

The other side of my desk! woo-hoo!
Bored yet? *GGG*

There's Superman and Batman, Joker's not visible in this pic, but late at night I shmoosh them all on one shelf and do dramatic reenactments of...stuff. Mr R is up there too--it's like 'Where's Waldo'!

This is what I see when I swivel my chair around and look behind me.

This is what I see when I swivel my chair around and look up when I look behind me.

And now if you'll follow me out to the living room, and my other work, I feel just like Jackie Kennedy!
Batman is a 2-sided fleece throw (Supe's on the other side)My kids at work had it made for me a few Christmases ago.

I got all excited with snapping pix and didn't clean up out here--*koff* Pretend it's perfect...also, don't judge my decor. Swear, soon as I can spare the time and money, we're going to move this place firmly into the 90s! This desk is where the Ancient Magic Brick lives. :)

So there we have it--the desk from where I sob desperately as I call my creditors and read porn online while I wait and wait and wait on hold.

Well, this was lots of fun for me--hope you enjoyed it too. Some day, there will actually be fic here again. Until then, there's this.

Next pic spam, the bedroom. Tell me what you want a pic of in there. Whatever you imagine I have in there! :D Maybe I'll take a pic of Big Bertha. (the world's only gas-powered vibrator)

Okay! Good night, littul bunnies! *MMMWHAH!!
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