roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

My Incredibly Shallow Take on Show. 8X08

I'm so happy. This season warms the cockles of my heart. I almost shed a tear for poor little Sammy. I think Show was trying hard to mislead us tonight. I've kind of been thinking in a roundabout way that Sam's been living in a fantasy with this Amelia thing. They kept dropping what normally I'd interpret as anvils, little anvilettes all ep long--but when Amelia got the news that Don was still alive I went all O.O

And now I know, we *are* in a soap opera! I knew it! All those flashbacks, that filmy camera work designed to hide wrinkles, that feisty girl and the way she browbeat Sam into taking a dog when she had no idea if he was a drifter and/or animal all makes sense now! So, Don's been in a coma, woke up and had no idea who he was. He had a picture of Amelia but no name to go by. But a nurse in the hospital, let's call her Janet, sees the picture and promises John (John Doe, because, y'know, amnesia) that she'll do all she can to find this girl who may hold the secret to his identity. So she begins to hunt for her, even though it breaks Janet's heart because she's come to care deeply for this strong, silent, probably handsome man. And then one night--success. "John," she says, "this woman is your wife, she's Amelia what the fuck ever i never caught her last name."

John gasps, swats, hits his head on a bedpan and suddenly he knows, "I'm Don! Don what the fuck ever! I must go to her, call her, and let her know I'm still alive and...Don stops and stares at Janet. Because yes, he loves Amelia, with all his heart, but he remembers how he's come to love Janet, her caring sweet nature, her devotion, her willingness to give him back to his wife because she loves him that much...Don looks up at her and says, "So, whataya think, one quick fuck I can blame on the amnesia?"

Or something like that.

Seriously though, Cas and Dean…*happysigh*
And even though Sam and Dean have this big thing between them, it's freaky how they mirror each other. The make the same faces, they make the same gestures…it makes me wonder if it's on purpose or whether Jared is picking up Jensen's acting tics. Not complaining because I like it very much. Makes them look more brotherly. And speaking of Dean (of course we were, you just didn't notice) compared to other seasons, he's creepily healthy! Willing to talk, make eye-contact…if fucking Benny fucks it up, I hope Sam cuts his head off and turns his fucking ass into mincemeat. Just sayin'
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