roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Brain, work with me for once!

Now that I can have a bazillion icons,(thanks again, macaronielbow)I don't know which to choose! Yeah, I know, such problems!

Saturday is spam day. :D

By the by, my finger hurts because I really have to smash the d key. I think I got some cookie crumbs in the keyboard. I'm scarfing up all the cookies and xmas treats because my doctor says I have to watch things. He's not especially thrilled with the results of my bloodwork. So, as an educated, well-informed senior person, I've decided to rid the house of all the bad foods. One bite at a time. Really, I'm all excited to start our new diet of boring-ass good healthy food. I say our because if I have to give up good stuff, so does he.

Maybe I can find an encouraging icon of good food choices. Or Dean's naked hindparts. One has nothing to do with the other, but come on! What would you choose, a salad or...? I mean!
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