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It's almost Show time!

I'm looking forward to it! And I've thought some about last week, so sharing some blithery thoughts.

So, have rewatched last week and I think I understand it a little better. Dean still majorly creeped me out but Sam impressed me even more--so did Cas. Though what I mostly took away from his little bit was that he killed the wrong angel.

MiniMarine was intriguing. What was it Dean did all those years ago? Why did he kill the guy's brother? I hope he introduces himself to Dean like, "Hello, my name is Cole. You killed my brother. Prepare to die." because I am a bozo. :D

I think Dean confused him by not freaking out, so he must know a bit about the Winchesters. Also, my impression of Sam and Cole's meet cute was that Sam kind of forced himself to be an average guy there. Seemed to me like he hesitated, then put on the Mr. Civilian persona. Poor wounded woobie.

Crowley is going to get his ass kicked because he doesn't remember how dangerous the Winchesters can be *and* once again, he's underestimating Dean.

As far as Mr. Drinko, I think everyone has it right. Dean's still Dean, just trying to suppress it all. He's not a demon like Crowley or Abaddon--they're humans made into demons by torture and despair and are possessing human shells. Dean's Dean with most of his good parts drowning, I think. I can't see a Solomon's Seal doing anything to him, or salt, or holy water. I think when Cain said he made the knights of Hell, I think he meant that literally. i will be pissed if any of that stuff affects Dean. And I'm pretty sure Crowley's lying out his ass about how the Mark is affecting Dean but I'm not sure how. Cain controlled the mark out of love...Dean is as strong. Given the right incentive, he could do the same. I'd like it to be Sam but could it be Barmaid? I know one, thing--killing skeet demons will keep Dean's mind on the blade, won't it?

So, just some nattering off the top of my head--I still need to rewatch because Dean's damn hair keeps distracting me, not to mention those perky nips.

ETA: oh, Father! I thought he said 'brother!'
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