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I get attached to things. I have this tree that I'm deeply attached to. Okay, more like crazily attached to, like, in a way that disturbs the Fam. Screw them. They don’t know our love.

I saw something like this in my garden one day, a long, long time ago.

sdc sapling

It was actually just one leaf, and I thought the wind had blown it into my garden. I went to pull the leaf out because they're pretty sharp, those holly leaves, and I didn't want the kids to stab themselves. I grabbed it, and felt some resistance and realized the leaf was actually a tiny little sapling. I nearly pulled it out anyway, but curiosity got me and I let it stay, watched it to see what would happen. I forgot about it periodically, it was fun to rediscover it, each time a little bigger. As it grew, it moved around the yard, until finally, I had Mr. roxy plant it out of the way on the edge of the drive. Each time we moved it, I worried that the move would kill it or harm it in some way, but no, it's hardy stock, my volunteer holly.

And now, she stands a good fifteen feet, maybe more—from a single leaf to this beautiful tree. *My* tree.


I'm telling you, she loves me right back, I'm sure of it. Sometimes, when I get out of the car, I talk to her. This makes Mr. R roll his eyes so hard you can practically hear them clack in his head. He's a southern boy, no-nonsense, practical about stuff (unless it's the dog, then he's just disgusting, all 'who's a good boy, then?' and 'who's a wibble-wobble-shnookie-kins'. Ok, maybe not quite *that* bad…). He doesn't hold with talking to trees. Or singing to trees. Or shaking their little hands…I mean leaves.

Occasionally, when BG is visiting, we'll get out of the car and I'll stop and look at her all expectantly and she'll roll her eyes (it's genetic) and huff," hello Tree nicetoseeyouagain." If I look at her and let my lip wobble, she'll add "sister." Yes, I do it as often as I can because it makes me snicker on and off all night.


So there you have it. I'm pretty sure other people have pet trees or bushes. I bet they talk to them as well, and wonder if they should have a well check-up, just in case…anyway, that's our story.

Say hello to Holly.

Tags: dear my friends, doofery, ramblin' rose
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