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A Year of the Rose: So Long, 2014!

Here is is again, the traditional wrap-up of the year. This year has been teetering on the non-fannish side. Though I posted an SpNJ2BB that I was proud of, and a SDOTP minibang that I was fond of, it's been a rather unproductive year outside of that. Oh wait--I posted art this year that I did not delete, thanks to the encouragement of some very cool folks! I threatened to and eventually did post a totally self-indulgent curtain fic that got a lovely reception--and comments! At AO3! I know, right????

This end of the year has been a little grey for me, for no reason I can point out. I know my LJ was a little quiet and not very sparkly. I'm hoping very much that this coming year is shinier than last year, and that I'm much more interesting!

So, here it is, my yearly "State of the Me" post, the first line of the first post of every month this year.

January 2: macaronielbow, you are incredible!! Thank you!

February 1 : What do you want for Valentine's Day? Dragon Winchesters or Wolf Winchesters?

(mysterious post, eh? *g*)

Love, roxy

March 2: It's been a busy couple of days. BG moved again, lord help me, and we had stuff to do.

April 3: Thank you, firesign10! *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGS*

It's my pleasure! ♥

May 2:
obama brush ur shoulder off

Guess who sent off their SpNJ2 BB draft? Yep. It's shambling on its way right now, hungry for brains and dripping putrescent body parts but *hey!* IT'S DONE!

June 1:
Dean stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel from the stack on the toilet tank.

July 2: I posted another bit of Over the Hills late last night, patted myself on the back, and went to bed.

August 1: Croatoan_by_RaithsEnvyMe

September 4:
I will absolutely have a rough draft by the due date for the SDOTP minibang! I'm glad, I really didn't want to drop out--it's my very favorite challenge.

October 3: I got a comment on Lodi that made me smile so much, I wanted to print it out and run away with it! *BEAMS*

November: The past week, I reread The Song of the Treadmill (part 1), by tabaqui and I had to draw this because it took over my brain!

December 4: I've got this really hideous writer's block thing going on, it's truly ugly.

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