roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Boo I say!

Crappy ass cold keeps slinking off and then coming back to ambush me! :(

I got no writing done these last two days. *sigh* What is coming is coming slowly, but I'm not worried about that, I'll write slow-motion forever if I have to. Anyhoo, here's the count for this week: 1894.

*doublesigh* I used to do twice that in a day, in good times. Not stressing!

There's been buzz about an art comm I must check out--thank you, Firesign10. I'll check it out because I don't have enough unfinished stuff in my life, oy. ;D

There have been bunnies sniffing about and leaving drabble ideas for stories what I have already written. Like for Cicatrix Sam, whose tattoos I would really like to have removed. I will ponder this. Also, I need a little handholding about ideas for about SpNBB. I have three vague ideas and need some push. *anime eyes*

I'm off to hack up organs and snort out the liquified remains of my insides--at this point, that's what it has to be.
Tags: ramblin' rose, writing n stuff
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