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Hello, friends!

Say, why when the secret that our hero has kept through most of the story--that he's a famous/actor/singer/writer, whatever--is revealed, the other party is always, "OMG YOU BASTARD YOU HAVE LIED TO ME!" instead of "Fucking, what?? That's so cool!!"

Don't get me wrong, those are some of my fav stories, and I get that we need that reaction to push the fic but wouldn't you be all intrigued and surprised in a *good* way? *I* would, especially being the poor-assed bitch I am. Not gonna lie, I'd rub my hands together like a satisfied hamster and start planning how I was going to spend the money that my previously poor love interest suddenly has.

Does that make me shallow? But of course! :D

That's why I probably shouldn't write stories like that. I'd have J1 clicking his heels up and dragging J2 to the best restaurants, picking out new apartments, leather goods, and matching cars. And J2 would be all, 'Should I be upset by the revelation of what a money grip this boy seems to be? *sigh* He is hung like Seabiscuit, though...." and on to rolling in dough and orgasms, happy endings forever, ta-da.

Friday, yo, and I'm off again! This has been the best week, you guys! Be warned, I'm feeling a little babbly today. Ask me stuff! Drop in and babble with me!
Tags: dear my friends, doofery, ramblin' rose
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