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Show...omg, show.

batslap a

In other words, hot damn, that was my jam. :D


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Feb. 4th, 2015 04:11 am (UTC)
Taylor Swift OMG LOL!

I just finished watching :)

I want to rewatch this one. The only other one I've felt that way about this season is Hibbing 911. I would watch a spinoff of that one.
Feb. 4th, 2015 04:32 am (UTC)
I loved that one--but I *LOVED* this one. That kid is *brilliant*! It's weird how he doesn't look a damn thing like Dean, but he looks just like Dean, lol!

It's me--I've been kicked out about three times tonight and I just don't care anymore, pfft!

roxy ;D
Feb. 4th, 2015 05:05 am (UTC)
THAT ENDING - squealing off to the Swift? HI-LARIOUS!! And that kid got Dean down beautifully!
Feb. 4th, 2015 05:30 am (UTC)
Oh man, I *love* that kid! I loved every bit about this ep--Hansel!! It had to be Hansel, lol!!
Feb. 4th, 2015 05:57 am (UTC)
Oh, man. That was fucking....delightful. Just delightful.
*twirls you*
Feb. 4th, 2015 06:25 am (UTC)
It was so much fun--I mean, Hansel and Gretal? LOL!! *And* my young!Dean! Who could ask for more? Well, yeah, I could but hey, I was happy with what I got! :D
Feb. 4th, 2015 06:27 am (UTC)
I know, right?
And i can't believe they got Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey to play the witch!


And Taylor Swift - HA, omg. :)
Too fun.
Feb. 4th, 2015 06:13 am (UTC)
That was awesome. *g*
Feb. 4th, 2015 06:25 am (UTC)
It was nearly glorious! :D
Feb. 4th, 2015 06:34 am (UTC)
BOOYEAH! Even I'm not gonna grouse about that one. I think we should lobby show to make Dylan a cast regular :)))
Feb. 4th, 2015 06:39 am (UTC)
I wish there was a way! We should have a de-aged Dean story every month, lol!
Feb. 4th, 2015 07:44 am (UTC)
Hey, I got it! There's your spin off show: Young Winchesters!
Feb. 6th, 2015 11:12 pm (UTC)
TV LINE suggested a spin-off called Wee Winchesters with Dylan playing Dean and Colin Ford as Sam....
Feb. 6th, 2015 11:17 pm (UTC)
pssst: 4142 words and counting... :D
Feb. 6th, 2015 11:27 pm (UTC)
That'd be my dream team if only they were the right ages. They're actually the reverse of the right ages :(
Feb. 4th, 2015 04:26 pm (UTC)
Once we hit "It's up, it's down, I got no control over this thing", I was a goner LOL!
Feb. 5th, 2015 02:07 am (UTC)
I know!!! LOL!

He did a wonderful job! He's got all the little mannerisms and even looks like Dean--through sheer force of will! It was such a pleasure to watch him and Sam together! :)
Feb. 8th, 2015 05:51 am (UTC)
He did such a good job playing all of Grown Dean's little quirks that it reminded me of Michael Welch playing a de-aged (sort of) Jack O'Neill on Stargate. And it can't be easy, playing a character as an older teenager, then playing them as an adult in a younger teen's body two years later. I mean, Dean in the boys' home was supposed to be older, like 16, right? So Dylan Everett had to take him backwards 2 years physically and forward 20 mentally. That's some professional grade acting!

Incidentally, just how many actors have played Young Dean? There's the kid from the Pilot, the kid from the episode with the striga who was also in A Very Supernatural Christmas, Afterschool Special Dean, Dean playing catch with Bobby in Death's Door, and Dylan Everett, who is the second actor to play him twice and the second actor named Everett to play him when something supernatural happened to his age. :)

Feb. 8th, 2015 02:54 pm (UTC)
the second actor named Everett to play him when something supernatural happened to his age. :)

omgosh, right!! Chad Everet, who also did an incredible job playing Dean! That was a great episode!

I think your list of kids who played Dean is complete--I'd forgotten about Bobby's Dean!

Dylan Everett had to take him backwards 2 years physically and forward 20 mentally. That's some professional grade acting!

That's a good point! That kid definitely is very professional, very good. I'd be surprised if we don't see him going on to bigger and better as time goes by.
Feb. 5th, 2015 10:37 pm (UTC)
Loved this ep! And Dylan was great as teen!Dean. :D
Feb. 6th, 2015 11:08 pm (UTC)
That kid is one hell of an actor. He caught all the little tics and expressions that make Dean *Dean.* It was fun to see them together!
Feb. 6th, 2015 07:00 am (UTC)
I just watched it and I couldn't be more in love with it. So many great Sam expressions and tiny Dean is delightful. Oh the brotherly feels at the end. It made my tiny shriveled heart grow three times it's size.
Feb. 6th, 2015 11:11 pm (UTC)
Ach, I *know*!

Man, we have to be careful with eps like these or people will start to think we're pushovers. *secretly wipes eyes* those boys...my heart...
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