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10x13 SpN

This was a decent ep in terms of shout-outs to S1 casefic. We've had a few this season and it's an appreciated change of pace. We're giving the angels a rest and I'm glad of that. I like Cas, but I'm not too pleased with his journey, and I'm beginning to resent the time other characters take from Sam and Dean. I totally get it in a real world sense. It has to be good for the actors--probably gives them a little break from having to carry the whole show, and I do enjoy the *occasional* show without them as leads, but I am happiest when the show centers on them.

Now, let me complain. I hated, truly hated, that one line about the car, someone has the exact quote, I'm sure. I hate when they ignore stuff that ten minutes and the Wiki would tell them. It's not like death and the car are obscure events, like that trip to the damn Grand Canyon that had to have happened only in Sam's fever-induced dreams. (what is this particular type of fannish denial called? there's a name for it, right?) It grates when they choose to ignore canon or make up stuff that contradicts what we know. It feels like being handed a very, very dead fish and told to enjoy the rose.

Things I liked about the ep? All the little MOC tics. Dean busting through the police tape, chowing down on mountains of food, practically drooling at the was funny, *and* it was creepy. He was harsh with the hit-and-run chick, even though she was truly remorseful. It took a bit for his Dean-ness to kick in. Heavy-handed, I know, but I enjoy when Dean is either the anti-Dean or Dean to the nth degree.

I thought the speech at the end was really Anvil Falls, but I enjoy that they listened to each other. It seems like they're *really* listening to each other these days. I'd hate for us to go all "I'd let you die" again. I like this closeness, I want to see them right back to where they mirrored each other. Kind of like the way Sam mirrored Dean's hand and arm movement in The Hunter Games, I think--that walk-and-bitch in the hallway?

So, there's my impression of the ep. Rambly perhaps but these are the type of posts I'm not going to delete anymore. What the hey! There needs to be more fannish type babbling here, right? Thanks for reading and pray for the return of sideburns. Good night! :D

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