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I hope ya'll had a great Valentine's day! I did! We stayed home--BG was in for the weekend, so we decided to treat each other! We had crab legs, hushpuppies, and frogmore stew, with chocolate for desert! It was pretty damn nice. Somehow my beloved child decided that Walking Dead would be the perfect show to watch while we ate. What the fuck? And THEN! She salted her food with her tears, sobbed into her crab legs because a character died. Poor shnoogums. I didn't blame her, I cried myself the first time I saw it. It's kind of fun, stuffing your face and discussing your show. I wish I could have convinced them that what we really wanted to watch was SpN. I tried to pull the "SpN is nowhere as gross as WD" card, but whatever ep Mr. R happened to catch last time I tried to make him watch SpN had ended up with him running out of the room, all yelping and grimacing and swearing that Show was the grossest show ever in the history of TV, so... anyhoo, VD was fantastic. Group hug, y'all! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

tumblr_m46z9bhgmg1r3zat8 too precious for this world

In other news, I worked my ass off on the next bit of PE. I'm closer--thank,s David Bowie and Wu-Tang--but I'm not totally there. I am going to post what I have. It's only 3000 words but it's better than nothing and still longer than most chapters posted at AO3.

Noooooooooo, I'm not bitter. Not loving, kind, and grandmotherly me!
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