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I wanted to write something for AO3's International Fandom Day but I couldn't make the darn timeline work, and I couldn't think of another show to take the place of the one I used, so I decided not to post it there. but I liked it, too, because of personal reasons, so I'm posting it here.


Sam had an epiphany of sorts at twelve years old, watching reruns of It's A Different World. Nick at Night was a revelation.

"What are these people doing?" he asked Dean. "Where do they live?"

"They're at college," came the bored reply. "They live in a dorm or somethin', with a buncha other geeks."

"Alone?" Sam asked. "What about their parents?"

"Man, your parents don't go to college with you — you go by yourself," Dean said.

"By yourself..." Sam breathed

And where the world had been slowly irising down into a deep, dark hole, it suddenly opened up again.

La. It was fun, and most of all, I finished something. :)
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