roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


penguin slap

This is me, strolling along, hoping for inspiration, and lo, inspiration strikes. May your penguin come home to roost, my friends. Except...penguins don't fly. Or roost I guess, because you'd need to have a nest first and they don't make nests do they, but apparently they have very warm feet. With the eggs on their feet and stuff. My feet are always cold, I know this by the way Mr. R screams. So, anyway, the whole point of this post is, "Be careful around penguins, they are sneaky little bitches and will whack you when you least expect it."

I think that was the point. Maybe not.

I bet that one penguin was cheatin' on the other, why the hit. I know I would....

Snow Day!! :D
Tags: doofery, ramblin' rose, writing n stuff
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