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Watching TNT SpN time and crying my eyes out--again!! Oh my god, I'd give today's writers cash money if they'd only go back and watch a few early season eps--get the rhythm of their relationship, gee!!

5815 words on my BB! That might not seem like much, but they are 5815 of *good* words! Most exciting! Plus, it's fun so far. And there are no political layers, no possibility of insulting folks and no second-guessing myself. It's gonna be all about the feels, since the subject matter has been mined deeply and well by other writers way more amazing than me. (notice how i snuck that ego-boo to myself in there?) :)

As for the other story I wanted to do, about the aging BDSM relationship that somehow morphed into a slavery fic( i KNOW! Moi??? yas!) We're still going to work on that. but since it won't be for an audience, I can say whatever I want in it--I can get as personal as I want, hah!

How are my other bangers doing? ♥
Tags: spn_j2_bigbang 2015, thanks tnt, writing n stuff
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