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So, I bowed to peer pressure and the weight of the world and got a smart phone because my other phone...well, at least it had a pretty face. What have I learned since getting this brand new phone? I am an idiot.

I've seen many, many elderly people with their phones and they seem to be doing more than squinting at them and yelling, "WHAT? WHAT? I JUST WANT TO MAKE A FUCKING CALL!" so I have hope for myself. One day, my friends, and soon....

My SpNJ2BB, henceforth to be know as "The Soap Opera Fic", is coming along pretty well. We are at a bit more than 7000 words and tonight I plan to add at least 1000 more. *shakes pom-poms for self*

BG is home for the weekend. She has tried to help me with my phone, but after a while, she claimed that the president was calling and she just had to take that call, ciao, mother. I suspect that was an untruth....

This afternoon, we had lunch at Wegmans Food, one of those grocery stores that imagines it's much more than it is. They do have a nice deli section and seating area. I had a bunch of different little salads just to play it safe--no possibility of dairy or bad fats--and we had a really nice time together. Lots of giggling over nothing.

Last night, I talked to The Niece and got to talk about SpN to my heart's content. It's always fun talking to her--she's so funny and smart, it's a joy, and it's fantastic that we share a lot of fandom loves. I ran my BDSM/slave story idea past her and she loved it, so I really have to gather some info together for that.

Look! A post totally free of whining! Miraculous! :D
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