roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Help, my friends?

Hey, anyone out there have any information on, or knows anyone who worked with an organization called Teach America? BG is about to have an interview with them and I just wanted some information not from the organization itself.

Speaking of BG, she took up crochet as a hobby and imagine my surprise that she's actually having fun and making things--I fully expected that she'd end up stabbing her co-workers to death with her crochet hooks. Proud momma that I am, I took pictures!

cheese slice

Her first attempt--the Slice of Cheese!

kindle holder

And then a few weeks later, she made something you could do things with--behold, the Kindle Holder! Big things for a not very coordinated family!

baby hat

She made a hat! With ears!! I am astound! Much surprise!

I'm trying to talk her into making me Dean... :D
Tags: rl
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