roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Greetings! and BB rambling. :)

Hello, my friends! How goes it?

I am feeling pretty darn cocky, myself! The Soap Opera continues to go well, nice word count, and I'm figuring maybe 25,000-ish when I'm done. I've got a title, or at least some good ideas for one. That's like the hardest part for me, seriously. It takes me forever. How are my fellow bangers doing? Progress? Happiness with idea?

I'll be asking this question from time to time because, one, I really do want to know how it's going and cheerlead if you need me, and two, I just like saying banger. :D

So, tell me, All-knowing flist--once you change to the new (or at this point not-as-newish) style, how do you change back? *throws hands up* Can they ever stop and *ask* us if we want these shiny new things?

no title

Just because he's so damn pretty in uniform. :)
Tags: just effin' pretty, mo tags, ramblin' rose, spn_j2_bigbang
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