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I can't tell you how much I'm still loving that Show is back on Wednesday- -I might make this post every Show day until May. :)

I'm glancing over what has gone before and I think on the whole, I'm pretty satisfied with this season. I think they've had interesting things to say about Dean this year, and Dean is maybe slow-motion growing up, and I think that's not because of but despite the MOC.

I have my wishes and hopes but doubt that they'll ever be realized. You know, that one big wish of mine that Sam be the one to save Dean, that he do it in a way that no one can hand-wave away, and that he does it intentionally and heroically. I want him to reach into the motherfucking fire and pull Dean out, and I want Dean to fall on his knees and thank Sam from the bottom of his heart, with all the gratitude, and I want him to look at Sam with fucking *AWE* in his eyes.

What time is it? Sammy time.

vendememe its time

Okay, I might feel some kinda way about this.

Good watching tonight, folks! Hugs to everybody! :)
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