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AO3 hits and kudos part one

Doesn't that sound scary?
I'm doing that top ten hits and kudos at AO3 meme, because I'm proud of my babies. Maybe some of you will look at this list and wonder what it is I do and go take a look. I really am much more than weird, rambly posts about my personal life. :)

Here we go--*two* lists, one Supernatural and one Smallville, because I love my SV babies, too.

My Smallville AO3 top ten.
My SV stories get many more hits than my SpN stories. I'm not sure why. I don't think these stories are better than my SpN stories but people seem to like them better. Why as why? ;)

I had just as much fun writing about Clark and Lex as about Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean are easier to write AUs about because you don't have to come up with some logical kind of reason why neither of them are using their superpowers, oy! What a headache that was. And there's the thing that as much as I adore Clex, like, really, really insanely loved it and breathed it for years and still love them, it's easier for me to identify with The Boys, easier to spin AUs. AU is my life, yo.

Smallville Kudos

1) When I Was Lost: 63
2) Mariposa: 62
3) Brothers and Heroes: 58
4) The Dog: 43
5) Ripley, Believe It Or Not: 42
6) Boys of Summer: 41
7) All Fall Down: 38
8) The Lonely: 33
9) All Yours: 32
10) Firebird and the Grey Wolf: 28

SV Hits
1) When I Was Lost: 4130
2) Mariposa: 3060
3) Brothers and Heroes: 2948
4) The Dog: 2850
5) Ripley, Believe It Or Not: 2725
6) Boys of Summer: 1930
7) All Fall Down: 1553
8) The Talented Miss Ripley: 1365
9) All Yours: 1330
10) Firebird and the Grey Wolf: 1139

There we have it, my Smallville stuff! Questions? Bueller? Bueller?

anyhoo, on to SpN hits and Ks!
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