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AO3 hits and kudos part two

Here are my SpN babies. Some of these are my favs and some are headscratchers. You never can tell what folks will like. If I listed these in my favs, the list would look very different! :D

Supernatural kudos

1) Over The Hills, Far Away: 214
2) You (under my skin): 122
3) Cicatrix: 72
4) Shadows: 50
5) Tailgunner: 49
6) Someday Never Comes 47
7) Come the Night: 41
8) Revision: 33
9) Warm Hand In Mine: 29
10) Non Timebo Mala: 28

Spn hits

1) Over The Hills, Far Away: 3373
2) Tailgunner: 2983
3) Come the Night: 2964
4) You (under my skin): 2505
5) Cicatrix: 2137
6) Non Timebo Mala: 1217
7) Public Enemy book 1: 1139
8) To The Waters and the Wild: 1100
9) Someday Never Comes: 1004
10) Lodi: 970

Questions? Yes? No?


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May. 16th, 2015 03:00 am (UTC)
Dude, as a writer, your favourites are never what other people like best. And heh, naturally you needed to do two separate posts for this :P

What's the one that scared me? Was that Cicatrix? Ah, and I have to finish NTM! I remember I started it long, long ago when it was a WIP and decided to wait until it was finished to read it.

Anyway, I've never seen this meme before, but now I'm curious, so I might head over and give it a try :)
May. 16th, 2015 03:16 am (UTC)
Yeah, Cicatrix! :D
naturally you needed to do two separate posts for this :P

Oh hell yeah, long-winded in two fandoms, yo!

It's fun to do because you actually have to look at your stuff and think about it, hah! I kind of just threw things at AO3 without much thought back in the day. I love that place--I have snagged so many, many stories that I *love* and it's fabulous that I don't have to convert stuff myself anymore.

Also, yes, finish NTM. (no modesty, I love that fic.)
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