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I'm so nervous!! I'm relatively unspoiled and I'm worried! Worried that Show is going to break my heart--also worried that they will so stupid up the season ender it will make me want to gut a man. Please don't piss me off, Show!

All in all, I've enjoyed the season. Sometimes, I didn't understand an ep until after, when it is explained to me, tank yew. I know a lot of people were hurt that Dean didn't keep the black eyes all season but you know, he sort of *was* Demon!Dean all season long. I'm not sold on how DARK Sam was supposed to have gotten. Sam just seemed normal levels of Winchester "Keepin' Secrets For Your Own Good(Not Like That's Not Going To Backfire Spectacularly On Us)." Loved that over the top concern though--way to make us forget that last season Dean was chopped liver to Sam.

Not really, no.

So, I've wandered over to the Love Meme and have left some love. I've just started though, so I'm only on page 1. So much love! :D

And speaking of love, thank you so much, you guys! I haven't responded to everyone yet, but I hope you all know just how much I appreciate your well wishes! Sam agrees with me.

come here hug sam
Tags: dear my friends, rl
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