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Not too long ago I posted my top ten hits at AO3. Now, I'm posting my very fav stories that hit like a hot cinderblock in a snowbank. I'm posting these losers in the order of my love for them. I love some of these stories beyond rational sense. My babies!!


Scales 17 (voice message fix it—we all wrote one)
My Blue Heaven 1 (Jesse! I loveded you!)
Just Before Dawn 15 (Vic, Vic…looking damn pretty with Dean)
Public Enemies 12
A Trickle of Strangers 17 (Dean/Cas—I know! But it's really fucked up. :D )
Dark On The Ridge 10
Tyger 12 (Souless Sam. We all wrote one)
A Temporary Madness 7 (Bradey. I only like you because you were really Whitney. )
Wayfaring Stranger 4 ( I love this damn story. *pets sad baby*)
Two 6

Out Of A Foreign Land 10 ( a version of The Stand and I still like it)
Strange Boys or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Game 15 (fucked up funny!! :D )
How I Spent My Summer Vacation 13 (c'mon!! Jason Teague!!)
Midnight Sun 10 (the comments on this are pretty funny!)
Firebird And The Grey Wolf 4 (clunky as hell but I still like it)
I'll Fly Away 2 (people say they want stories w/ characters of color but they won’t read them. *scowl*)
A Fine Romance 3
This Happy Morning 17
The Door To Dreams Is Closed 11 (I killed Oliver Queen! But not that one)
Come Tomorrow, Will I Be Older 2 (Clark eats Lex…)
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