roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,



Well, after a massive dive into the dark waters of woe-is-me, I'm back and getting work done. I WILL finish this bitch BB tonight, or fall asleep on the keyboard trying!

I'm also trying to wrangle enough of the slavefic together to send to gingersnap1224 and firesign10 to check out on whether I should go forward or not. I read your comments on the first part I posted the other day and I really appreciate what you had to say about the fic. I haven't responded yet but I will. It's just that every time I go to respond, I start thinking, and tinkering on the rest of what I have. It's been helpful, for pulling me out of my funk, so was posting my anti-kudos list. Sometimes, just being here and talking to folks makes it better. Thanks guys!
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