roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

*unhappy sigh*

Did I tell you my family is dragging me to California in two weeks? Did I tell you I'm a Dean Winchester flyer?

This whole vacation thing is unsettling me. If by unsettle we mean hiding in the bathroom and having panic attacks. I'm spending as much time as I can preparing for this. Sadly, my doctor firmly believes in not prescribing anything to make me happy. Unless of course, I want to take an anti-anxiety med full time--no thanks, been there, done that, was absolutely not worth it. I swear, that man acts like I'm a junkie just waiting to happen.

We're going to be there for my beloved niece as she graduates. It's going to be like having our very own family therapist. Or not, as she has explained to me many times, but la! She is wrong. :D

We'll be in San Jose, San Francisco, and then a few days in Oregon, Corvallis, actually, and then a few days in Seattle, and then home again, where I can pull the covers over my head and bite the hand off of anyone who tries to intrude.

I *hate* traveling. But, this should soften me up really good for the con in September--lucky roommates. . :)
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