roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

SpN_J2 BB 2015: Letting The Days Go By

Title: Letting The Days Go By
Author: roxymissrose
Artist: writer786
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 45,547
letting the days go by

Summary: Ever since Dean pushed Sam away and into a normal life, Dean's been spiraling downwards. He's screwing up on the job. He's never gotten over his dad's death. He's not sure he loves his girlfriend anymore. Sam hates his guts and with good reason, what kind of jerk sleeps with their little brother's prom date? He's backslid and fallen off the wagon, he's worrying his mom to death. The problem is he doesn't really remember living this miserable life….

Notes/Warnings: written for the spn_j2_bigbang. underage, infidelity, non-graphic reference to drug use, alcoholism. Sam is a bit of an asshole at the beginning, but he has his reasons.

For more specific warnings, this will be posted and thoroughly tagged at AO3, very soon!
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Tags: spn_j2_bigbang 2015
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