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Reading, so much reading! I'm working my way through the BBs now, and I'm feeling pretty good! I've done a bit of housework, emptied suitcases and washed and put clothes and stuff away, I'm going to make dinner for tomorrow in a bit so when I get home from work, all I have to do is sit back and aaaaaaaahhh.

I couldn't really read while I was away on vacation, I just could never really relax enough to let myself get lost in the stories. But, I did manage to work on my slave Jensen fic and will post it shortly. I've decided to do this in a series of one-shots that aren't exactly one-shots but aren't exactly chapters either. Exciting, no? Intriguing, perhaps? Yas, my friends. It is. *nods*

Ach, also let me extend birthday wishes to some very fine ladies!
To you, selinamoonfire, many hugs, and to the talented and incredible quickreaver, and to my fellow Michael lover, tasabian, who keeps us posted on what our lovely boy is doing!

♥ to you all--hope it was, and will be, a very good day! ;D
Tags: bd wishes, mo tags, rl
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