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I had the worst dream last night. It was a nightmare, I guess. It's still freaking me out and I'm a little afraid to go to sleep...*bites nails*

I dreamt I was dying, I think. I was in bed and my eyes closed, and it felt like I was at the top of a rollercoaster, that bit right before you start to tip and you're anticipating the drop. First it was the black you get when you close your eyes, and then it was BLACK, the blackest black I've ever seen, so black it had weight. I couldn't see anything, but there was this part in the middle of the black--like a blacker slot in the black. IT WAS SO FUCKING BLACK!! it's still creeping me out...anyway, even though I couldn't see anything, it felt like things were pouring into that slot, and I had some feeling of movement, but it was also pressure, like I was being sucked into it and squeezed as well. I felt my awareness of things start to fray and I was desperately holding on to it but thinking I should probably let go, and that I wouldn't know it if I did let go because there would be nothing with a capital noth, and then I sort of thought with what was left, "but what about the Fam?" I didn't want Mr. R to come home and find me.

So. He's out of state right now and I'm not surprised that I had an anxiety dream (i've been anxiety cleaning. you know how that goes. but, *score* too, because its been too long since i cleaned the bathroom).

Blaar! I just had to share that because I'm still so fucking creeped out by it! I'll have to recycle that bitch into a story. *shudder*

I feel better now. How's by ya'll? :D
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