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Has anyone else noticed what an ass LJ is being lately? Every day, it's some new stupid shit happening. What the hell? It's most annoying.

So, for listening to me bitch about my nightmare and being so cool about it, thank ya'll, I bring you a gift. :)

I read this story yesterday, not in my fandom but the writer is my oldest friend on LJ, the amazing Mizz tabaqui, and the story's just mind-blowing, really! It's Steve/Bucky, historical AU the way historical AU should always be done. This thing is so freaking gorgeous, I read it on one breath. Beautiful! And, so, so, so, SINFULLY hot. Read it, you'll get what I mean. And don't let the fact it's Captain America fandom stop you if that's not your cup of tea--trust me, you will thank me. :)

Corpus et Sanguinem (Body and Blood)

I've been thinking about it off and on all day.
Tags: fic recs
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