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Mr. Roxy is back, and I slept like a baby! A drunk baby, even! *G* He was exhausted, poor thing. Didn't get in until 2:00. It's nice to have him back. It'll probably take a day or two before he gets on my nerves--let's be for real, ya'll. But good homecomings are good. ;D

I want to write but at the moment, my brain is flat. I started a Cicatrix ficlet, just for me, and I've been slow motion poking at it. I'm thinking about my slave Jensen story, and wondering exactly how Jared went from friends to treating Jensen like a sex toy to feeling bad about it. Not that it's hard to imagine. What's harder to imagine is how a worthless human being develops a spine and a conscience. And speaking of conscience, I just misspelled the hell out of that word and I realize, it's because I mispronounce it. I do that a lot. It's a constant source of surprise to me, when I hear myself talk and realize, oy, I'm saying it wrong!!! But it's a hard habit to break. Or maybe it's more of an accent kind of thing. Like wudder instead of water. I don't know. I strive for a newscaster accent in my dealings with the public, but at home, it's pretty horrible really. Like, if they took 'fuck' away, I'd be practically mute.

Well! *throws up hands* That's all the rambling for today!

samdean roxy rec by bt_kady

Here is a rec for you, one of this year's BBs. I *loved* this story, so much fun to read, with solid, just delicious world building and fabulous characters! It's fantastic science fiction/action fic. This is the movie the Js should be in! :D

Chasing Darkness by ashtraythief featuring just really excellent artwork by lightthesparks
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