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this I'm doing instead of editing the next part of Small Dark place and East of The Sun.

1. Nickname: roxy...and some others that probably only get used when I'm out of earshot

2. Eye color: plain old brown

3. Hair color: hah! I almost said black but that's been an age--mostly white with a sprinkle of black and that color folks like to call silver! :D

4. Fact about me: I would pay cash money for a coffee IV.

5. Favorite color: sage green. right now.

6. Favorite place: home, home home!

7. Favorite celebrity: tchah! ya'll know! Jipson Eckols!

8. Favorite animal: I don't have favs now, but as a wee slip of a girl I was too fascinated with wolves.

9. Favorite song: so many it's hard to pick, and it would be a different song in different genres. Some of my favs: Constant Craving by K.D. Lang. New York Giants by Big Pun. Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Diamond Dogs by David Bowie...and stuff.

10. Favorite book: Wow, impossible...different books at different times, like all of us. Dracula, that had a huge impact on me as a wee roxy. Andre Norton's Starman's Son (Daybreak 2250 AD)--too many books!:D

Tag 20: not exactly 20. ;D

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