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finished posting East of the Sun, an old Smallville story, at AO3. I was surprised it got any attention at all, very pleased at the response. It's an ego-boost, I'll tell you. I'm thinking to start reposting Deal next. Most of these fics are at SSA onAO3, but I hate how crappy they look. It's nice to be able to clean them up a bit.

My next project is to finally, seriously, I'm not lying I swear finish PE. Finally! I've got over a bit of a roadblock I had with it, means changing the story somewhat from where I was originally headed but it works and I think it's better actually, go me. *waves little flag, flings confetti*

Batman Dean took a weird turn but I'm going to go with it. Also, might approach it from another angle as well. Hey, it's BDM, I can do what I want. *waggles butt*
Tags: bd month, ramblin' rose, writing n stuff
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