roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

not in the least bit slightly obsessive

Obsessive? moi? Hahaha! Maybe....

I spent all of the early part of the evening searching through family photos like a drug-sniffing Shepard in a weed field. I was certain that my pop had a '67 Impala when I was a wee roxy. We totally had a '58, and I was sure that the other Impala was Baby's sibling, but I was wrong. I finally found a pic and turns out, it was a '66. Pretty similar from what I could see but the tail lights are completely different. I know I'll never find a shot of it from the front, but it was abundantly clear that not only were the tail lights different, but the slope from roof to trunk was a bit different as well.

I remember how thrilled he was with the car, but I thought it was an old-fart car at the time. It was two or three years old when we got it, but I remember being sort of impressed that it had four doors. It was a simple time and it didn't take much for us to get all excited. A popsicle, a new comic, poptarts....

Anyhoo, I'm feeling betrayed by my increasingly Swiss-cheese memory. I think I'm gonna have a cup of coffee and a poptart and go to bed.
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