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We could use some help, please...

Originally posted by digitalwave at We could use some help, please...
As I mentioned the other day, we've gotten more bills from Lee's latest doc visits and procedures. The bill to Norton's hospital is almost at $4000.00 now. Plus, we've still got the $800 we have to come up with each month for the State. Like I've said before, we are so far beyond screwed it's not even funny.

I've started listing the bags of gorgeous purses and wallets that Lee's co-workers have donated to us to sell, many still new with tags, on EBay. There'll be a lot more to come as I can get things photographed and posted. You can find what I've got up so far here:

I know some of you would rather not spend there so I plan to post stuff here, too. If you see something you'd like, my PayPal addy is I'm always happy to cancel a listing and sell direct. Just let me know.

Plus, and this is the part that really humbles me, jj1564 posted a GoFundMe account for us a while back to try and help with all the medical bills pouring in. She sent me a note the other day and told me that she'd updated it to include the new bills we've gotten. This is such an incredible, sweet thing she's done. I can never thank her enough for trying to help us like this.

Guys, I hate to ask for this for myself. You know me, I'd rather be helping others. If you could help me pass the word about the stuff I'm trying to sell, and the GoFundme account, I'd really appreciate it.


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