roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Carboard Dean approves of your birthday wishes.

Thank you all a million times for the birthday wishes! If I missed anyone, so sorry! It’s because I'm 61 and tend to wander somewhat, my memory isn’t quite what it used to bees are wonderful helpers you know, they make honey and sometimes I call him sweetie, or babe, but I hardly ever….hello? I think I wandered there…anyhoo, birthday thanks!!!

I got a story—a CWRPS story from firesign10, who is incredibly generous! Thank you love!
Thank you, digitalwave, for the incredibly beautiful card—just gorgeous! ♥

Thanks for the terrific virtual gifts, meus_venator, thanks for remembering it's a month! twinsarein, always so nice to see you here! You too, peepingdru—I *love* virtual gifts! And pancakes!

Thank you daisydumont, capnzebbie, confused, rockstarpeach, big_heart_june, lapetite_kiki, somer, eternal_moonie, smalltrolven, fanspired, for the lovely personal messages, I also love getting messages! ♥

Thank you for your birthday wishes, gingersnap1224, tasabian, bubblesbrnaid, fufaraw, luvmax1, talitha78, sillie82, dm_wyatt, runedgirl, lexalicious70, beeej, frelling_tralk, me_ya_ri, cassiopeia7, phoenixnz, chellexxx, danceswithgary, supernutjapan, bradygirl_12, tifaching casey28 (Winchesters and cake for the win!), and my beloved carolandtom, rosy5000, silsbee329, and tabaqui!

I have to admit, I might have watered up a bit. Nothing like getting love for your birthday! You guys, you made me feel like a queen!
Yaaaaas Queen! ♥
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