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Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

I missed Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day, sort of. I wanted to send every writer I love a note, but that would have taken me waaaaaaaaay longer than it did to put together my "thank you for birthday wishes" post, which took me forever because I'm really slow and because so many people are wonderful. :)

So, Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day. It's a wonderful idea. Writers should know how much we love them, how we can't wait to read the new update of a chaptered story, or sink into the wonder of a perfect, perfect one-shot. We should always leave a comment, and it really doesn't matter if it's a "great fic!" or a long, thinky response It shouldn't ever be a special day for that to happen, but if it kick-starts folks into thinking more about how this great story came to be, than good!

Beyond comments or kudos, I want to send a personal note to all you writers.

You guys. You guys. You know who you are. You know I love you. I've slobbered all over your comments, babbled and flailed in unattractive ways because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You keep me going, keep me entertained, enlightened, heart-broken, horrified, afraid, intrigued...sometimes turned on so hard I have to stop reading because my reading spot is in the living room and he's RIGHT THERE. God forbid I have to explain(HAH! typo: sexplain)the sudden fit of coughing, or the yelps of laughter....

I love you newbies so much! I need to remind myself to comment more on the new folks because that means a new crop of incredible writers just for me. I mean, everybody, yes. Please keep writing and remember, this is your playground, and you write those boys the way you see them. Fresh blood keeps us going(see what I did there?)--it's a treat to look at our guys through new eyes.

So, that's my love letter to you all, the ones who work so hard, for not a lot of return except the joy of writing and the thrill of having folks agree that yes, that was a good one!

Now, what day is artist's appreciation day? .
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