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how I spent my summer and part of my fall discovering Jared and Jensen's love affair

Guess what my secret hobby is? And no, it's not blocking alien mind probes! I've been obsessed addicted sucking up this shit like crack mildly interested in the possibility of J2ism since the summer.

I can't help it, nothing makes me happier than swimming through the 'why J2 is truly J2' waters. It really does makes me happy. And it makes me laugh—like, really, *really* hard. But not in a mean way, you understand. It's fun, like collecting figurines or learning how to line dance. It's a back and forth kind of tango, you know. "Ach, you're crazy, cha-cha-cha, but then again, look at that *face* he's making at him, cha-cha-cha."

There's this sneaking little Judy Tenuta voice in the back if my head saying:

it could happen

Except, of course, that the Padaleckis are the worlds most adorable couple. Look at their faces when they're together. They don't just love each, they like each other too, they touch a lot, they laugh a happy together they look a little like that other couple…*koffJaredJensenkoff*

And then we have Jensen and his bride Daneel, who has the most magnificent boobies ever. In picture after picture, you can tell that...yes, they know each other.


Mizz Rose, I hear you sigh, you've been known to be a crazee azz bitch on occasion, but this takes the cake, And I would say, yes, and it is a big old cake, with unicorns sprinkles.

cake unicorn

Sparkly unicorn sprinkles.

jensen unicorn

My friends, Yer Mother has picked apart the evidence, examined photos with all the dedication and obsession of treasure seeker, and well…it all boils down to this.

I haven't seen a damn thing that corroborates my—what do I call it? Obsession? Delusion? Flight of Fantasy? Flaming Idiocy?

Because this look—

jared jensen

is hardly more intense than this look.

jensen misha

This look? Is not real. But I like it anyway.


I pack up my tinhat and throw open the curtains. It's a bright sunny day, clear of delusions. I can go on with my life, stop wasting all my waking moments thinking of fictional love affairs and get back to the business of writing them.

But then, I find this....


*refolds tin fedora*
drink koolaid
koolaid2 tumblr_inline_mpwyktjyoZ1qz4rgp

So. Done.


mic drop

There you have it, folks. Can I pour anyone a nice, cold refreshing glass of WTF? Would you like a little sprig of mint to go with? ;D
Tags: dear my friends, doofery, hat by reynolds, perfect boobies, positive thinking, ramblin' rose, rps, tin hat, writer's block
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