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It's Wednesday all ready!! I love SpN coming on a Wednesday, it's like a pleasant surprise every week and then the rest of it goes by pretty smoothly.

I read a hocky rpf story by ladyjanelly that I absolutely loved, loved the boys, was caught up so hard I just couldn't stop *reading* it. It kind of percolated through my head as original character fic because I know even less about hockey than I do baseball--I believe that's the game you have to kick a ball through a hoop and hit it with a stick when it falls out of the net? All I know about the game is it takes place on ice, Michael Rosenbaum looked hot playing it, and Sidney Crosby look a little like young Clark. See, I know Sidney is a hockey player on a team named for a bird, thank you, silsbee329.

Anyway, it was the best story I've read in a while, of that kind of story--lost boys finding each other, one a sort of but not a hooker--more of an oppurtunist, I'd say, but with such a sweet nature, and the other, a lovely, compassionate person who has a really poor picture of himself. Yaaaasss, just my flavor.

It's here, Sink These Roots Deep, if you haven't read it. Lovely story, really. Gosh, I feel like I'm cheating on SpN, reccing a story in a different fandom! On Winchester Wednesday, no less! Oy.
Tags: fic recs, spn
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