roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

Winchester Wednesday!

On a totally different note, ever since I want to NJ con this year, Mr R has been all completely different about fandom, us in specific. Now that's he's finally seen the faces and the crowds, he seems to understand.

Since he met the roommates, however briefly, and they weren't carrying axes or t-shirts reading "PORN! ASK ME HOW!" and both BG and he could see that they weren't planning on rendering me for my usable bits to sell on the black market, he (and she, possibly) understand that it's all about folks just like me. He's been all bright and inquisitive when I mention fandom things--and so quick to point out stuff he finds. Before, he'd do it like a dutiful husband, now he does it like he's bringing me chocolate. I like it a lot. Also, there's a lot less flinching like a frightened stallion when he reads stuff over my shoulder now, but that might just be age and one's reflexes wearing down....

We had some major changes going on at home and that's part of why I've been quiet lately. That, and I guess this is just the time of year that I wind down a bit and retreat into my den, moaning and whining to myself and vowing to eat worms. I'm feeling better, though. Not so much with the moaning now. Whining still going on. Thank goodness for Show. :)
Tags: a little whine anyone, rl
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