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so TIRED!!!

You guys, I just can't get it together! I'm so tired, how is it even possible to be this tired and still be alive? I read a bit, leave a few comments, and then my brain is exhausted and I have to nap. I spend most of the time I'm not working laying in bed writing beautiful new chapters to stories that ya'll will never read. And then my inner shlub has me just about convinced that I can't really write anyway. Does that make sense? NO! None at all! But wrapped up all warm and stuff in my blankie, I believe it. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

I have cooked some stuff for the Thanksgiving dinner--my famous cornbread stuffing. I'm kidding, it's not famous. They do ask for it every year, but I think it's that thing where it's a tradition and you have to have it whether it's edible or not, sort of like fruitcake. Mr. R is smoking a turkey. I hope that makes you giggle as much as it makes me giggle. Smoke a turkey...*snorfle* And every year, I ask him where he gets papers that big and doesn't the grease make them fall apart and he rolls his eyes...ah, family tradition!!

I'm working normal people hours this Black Friday, thank the lord. Nobody needs to have me trying to deal with people and being this fucking tired. Not a good match.

Speaking of tired, going to bed. Love you! Ya'll have a good Thanksgiving! ♥ ♥
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