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supanachul. TONS OF SPOILERS!!!

Everything about tonight's ep was a surprise to me--including the fact show was on tonight, oy! So, happy surprise. :) Also, Dylan, surprise! God, that kid is amazing! He had about a second of screen time, and he was young Dean all over the screen.

Young Sammy was adequate. I'd hoped to really love him because physically, I thought he was a pretty good match—around the eyes—but no one can beat young Colin. He had a Sammy-ness that this boy couldn't quite project. But, maybe that was because he wasn't playing against Dean. He was sweet, though, and that whole scene with Sully broke my heart so hard. Man, that hurt. Sam, you were always kind of a dick, hanh? How you manage to also be the world's biggest woobie is a mystery. An asshole, and yet, possessing such a big heart. *shakes head* Ah, what the hell—those *are* my fav kinds of peoples.

Sully was just—he made me go AWWWWWWWWW about a dozen times. Man, between Dean and Sully, no wonder Sam was such a hero. I'm glad Dean acknowledged Sully's work, that was nice. Also, DAMN! They referenced Sammy falling off the shed! Good work! Omg, I'm loving the fact they're rediscovering continuity!

I took Sully's rainbow suspenders to be a shout-out to Mork—you know those boys watched a lot of 80s TV in reruns. In the 90s, that's what most daytime programming was, we watched a shit ton of it when BG was a wee babe. 'Course, at first I was all, "Oh damn, Sam's imaginary friend is flying the flag!" Haha. (yeah, like we won't be using that in future fics—"Sully's suspenders a reflection of Sam's budding sexuality.". ;D )

I loved Sam in this ep—he made me snivel more than once. I loved Dean in this ep—what a huge dork! It was fun to have a little Dork!Dean again. And omgaaaaawd, Unicorn Man! LOL!!! I know I'm not the only one who saw this:

Anyhoo, I will watch again and hopefully, actually post my thoughts after. I'm very much enjoying the feeling that the Winchesters truly working together, with those mile-high walls significantly lower. I'm also enjoying whole shows that revolve around just the Winchesters.

Final word--Sam, stop making me cry!!!

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