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I got bored yesterday before slipping off to sleep--my life! I'm sleeping it away!! Anyhoo, I was bored, and had some thoughts about the Impala. One of my thoughts was that if you post fic featuring the car, you better capitalize Impala, damn it, unless those boys are really riding about on the back of an antelope. My other thoughts were not anywhere near as crabby.

So…what if one day the boys decided fluff up the Impala? Do a little primping, a little color, a little gloss…ah? It could happen.

They could chop the top.

67 impala1

Or make the old girl shine! Nice, right? C'mon, you know you love it. Dean would look good sitting in this....

67 impala3

Or this.

67 impala2

Or they could go the opposite way, hi-rise her. Throw some Ds on that. ;D

67 impala4

Oh yeah! Though I imagine Dean's reaction to this would be something along these lines.

dean bash gif

Tags: doofery, humor, just effin' pretty, writer's block
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