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sharing my rambling thoughts about Amara, Dean...and stuff.

To me it's not sexual tension driving those scenes between Dean and the Darkness. , Dean looks scared, horrified, fascinated by Amara. And she seems as fascinated back, possessive, but not in any kind of emotional way. She's a liar, I think, who believed she had Dean eating out of her hand, until she made the mistake of threatening Sam. I think he would have let her go without making a move but she messed up. Not omnipotent, then? She looked upset…shocked, maybe. So, if she is god's sibling, there was no love lost between them. I'm thinking that sister is a word that Metatron used because we don't have a word for what god and Amara are to each other. Certainly more complex a thing then we can understand.

In fact, all along, while people moaned and groaned about the angels and their motives, I thought that the entire story was couched in terms that the Winchesters (and us) understood. That though they saw the story as literally brothers and sisters, that Zachariah ran the show like a super powered, super amoral Mad Men season, what they were seeing wasn't as simple as it seemed.

Just like everyone else, I loved the juxtaposition of Amara walking down a street full of snacks while that song plays in the background…also, creepy virgin Airline owner guy was stalking her….
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