roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

spn gossip: insanity!!

Hokey smokes! You know, I never really went there in fandom's heyday, mostly because I was afraid and way too delicate a flower back then. Now, I'm a hardened old broad and my skin is as thick as a rhinoceros' hide so I can play without suffering horrible embarrassment squick.

Anyhoo (things I do instead of writing), ask me why the folks who actually sound calm and reasonable to me get shot down like they're trying to strafe an orphanage full of little tykes and adorable kittens. My eyes were like this: (o.o) !! Wow! Such violence! Such anger! I swear, the commenter sounded so reasonable, so respectful of both actors of a certain show, while also trying to express a personal opinion in a non-inflammatory way and gosh, that was just the match to the fire as far as certain folks were concerned. Again, me all aghast and goggling.

It's like watching a slow-motion train wreck, with the train being manned by rabid, teeth-gnashing, vitriol-shrieking hamsters. It's pretty entertaining. feels good to reveal this side of myself. All shallow and stuff.

Watch this space for more wallowing. :D :D :D
Tags: doofery, tin hat
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