roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,

2016 goal and some blabbing

My goal this year is to finish a story I started in 2010, post it as my BB--I think. I've liked this story very much, but for some reason I kept getting stalled on it, kind of like PE.

Writing-wise, this year I sucked, so much I'm not bothering with "what I wrote" and "lines and stuff". I don't even know, to tell you the truth.

Pleasing things: someone (or somebodies) is reading through my SV stories. Almost every day there's a kudos notice in my inbox. That's such a nice feeling! I'm very happy that there is interest in those stories--they were some of my most favorite, most satisfying writing. It makes me happy to think that there might be some interest in them years from now. It's been many years since I've written those boys but I still love them--or maybe I should say still love the idea I had of them. I think I spent most of my Smallville years writing Clark Kent out of character, sometimes outrageously so. It was a lot of fun! ;D
Tags: positive thinking, ramblin' rose
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