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Watching season 1 on TNT and am reminded why I gave it a pass the very, very first time around--Dean/Jensen kinda creeps me out. Those first few eps he was that kind of pretty that I just don't like. Towards the end of the season he got so much better. ;D

Man, Show got better fast, though, didn't it? When I watch those old eps I'm always impressed with how quickly the show found its footing.

And!!!! Season 10 is marathoning on Sunday! Which, correct me if I'm wrong--and horribly, I'm sure I'm not--is Super Bowl Sunday. This is a dilemma, as I'm being forced to hosting a SBP at the Rose manse. Would it be rude to fling food at my guests and then rewatch Show while they're cheering on I don't even know and could care less? My sole interest in football is stuff like the QB 'Verse. Y'all know my boysnsports kink. Weird, since I hate exercising *and* watching people do it. But I digress--
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